Monday, June 8, 2009

Age Spots Removal - How to Get Rid of Age Spots Successfully

Learning how to get rid of age spots requires knowing what causes age spots first. I hope you have grown sick and tired with those countless skin care products available in the market. They only take away your money, since many of these cosmetic products are actually palliative measures only. They initially create the impression of effectiveness without addressing the various conditions that exacerbates age spots.

Age spot a misnomer

First things first. Age spots have largely nothing to do with aging. That is medically established, although I must admit that aging may play a part in easily getting age spots. Too much exposure to the sun has been widely regarded as the primary cause of getting age spots. They may not immediately appear on your skin. But upon reaching midlife, these brown or black blemishes eventually make their appearance. If you are not very familiar with the real cause of the ugly discoloration on your skin, it is likely that these age spots get darkened and more permanent. They may cause you embarrassment due to their ugly appearance. For others, having these extra darkened spots especially on their faces may lead to lower self esteem and, sometimes, slight depression.

Should we rely on cosmetic products?

And now enters the cosmetic industry. This continuously growing manufacturing sector of the economy wisely plays with people's desire to look and feel good all the time. Many countless skin care products continue to flood the market that you could easily have access to them because of their sheer abundance. While some are regulated, many of those locally made skin care products contain harmful substances. They may be the harsh chemicals long suspected of causing many types of cancer, alcohol that dries your skin further and fragrances that eventually damage your skin. Remember that you need to buy a real and truly effective treatment for your age spots and not some form of beauty enhancements.

Look for these essential ingredients

To get rid of age spots requires choosing the correct treatment. And these should contain those essential ingredients that work best in eliminating age spots. Now, here is your clue. Buy only those which contain natural ingredients and never those with synthetic and harmful compounds. And what exactly are those essential natural substances you need to look for.

For centuries, the Japanese people consume this exotic specie of kelp, more popularly known as Phytessence Wakame. It contains collagen-boosting substances that help us get better skin elasticity. It also contains many essential micronutrients that enhance the general health condition of the skin, including its texture and toning. Be sure that your age spot cream contains large amount of this ingredient.

Another helpful substance is Nano Lipobelle H-EQ10. Before, those who wanted to get rid of their wrinkles applied topically natural collagen directly on their skin. Further studies revealed that this technique did not work at all. It is because collagen is not absorbed the body. Nano Lipobelle H-EQ10 has been specifically developed to reduce its molecular size to enable it to penetrate even the deepest layers of the skin. Continued application of skin care product containing this substance showed marked improvement on various skin conditions.

Be wise. Do not waste your money on those harmful and ineffective cosmetic products. Choosing treatments containing any or both of these substances is the safest and most effective way on how to get rid of your age spots.

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