Monday, June 8, 2009

How to Avoid Spending too much money on Skincare

There are lots of myths out there about skincare and the products. Most of which will cost you money when they really don’t need to. This article will help to dispel some of these myths and hopefully save you money in the long run.

1. Cellulite Products don’t work

The first thing to know is that products that claim to get rid of cellulite don’t work. If they did then everyone would have perfectly flawless skin. The only way to stop cellulite from occurring is from changes to your diet and lifestyle. A cream cannot do this.

2. Price does not determine quality

It is not necessarily true that the more expensive a product the better it is. Often the companies that make the expensive brands are the same as the companies that produce the cheap brands. For that reason you should not just accept the fact that more expensive brands are better.

3. Don’t listen to Salespeople

When you go to a big store and ask someone about skincare they are probably working on commission or are affiliated to a particular brand. For that reason they may not be the best people to ask as they have their own agenda.

4. There is no protection from pollution

A lot of products out there will claim to protect your skin from pollution. I would love to believe that was true however pollution has its own way of working. There are no products out there that will stop pollution from reaching your skin and causing problems.

5. Natural is not always best

You will hear a lot said about the benefits of using natural products however this is not always the case. There can be benefits to using natural products but it all depends on your skin. There are lots of ingredients used in natural products such as citrus extracts or mint oil that can be good for you. However these products can also be irritants to many people and cause more damage than good.

6. Anti-aging?

Do you really think a cream can stop you from aging. The best way to stop yourself from aging is to wear sun tan lotion every day. In addition you should change your diet and lifestyle. All these things will help but will not necessarily keep you looking young. If all these things together don’t necessarily work then how can a cream do the job?

7. Use different brands

Many companies will try to convince you that you should use all the products from the same brand or line of cosmetics. However this is not always the case as some products may be great for you and some completely useless. You should shop around and find the right cleanser and the right moisturiser. If these are from different brands then great. The most important thing is that you find products that are right for your skin.

The above myths are things that you will find are put out by cosmetics companies. After all the aim of their business is to make as much money as possible. For that reason they will try and get you to be loyal to them and buy as many of their products as possible. I would say to think carefully before you buy something, do you really need it. If the answer is no then don’t buy it.

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