Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lady Amherst Feather Headband on Etsy

I am excited about the popularity of bold hair accessories lately. As Gossip Girl style translates from television to reality, we see versatile takes on the traditional headband popping up everywhere. Since many of us who follow fashion are not high schoolers, the challenge with hair accessories is to avoid looking like a Gossip Girl character, and to instead pull off the look with a bit of sophistication.

I am really loving headbands that feature gorgeous colorful feathers that wrap across the top of the band. The style reminds me of a Charleston dance costume from the 1920’s. I would recommend choosing a feather color that constrasts with your hair color so the headband becomes a statement piece. It would look great paired with a simple sophisticated dress with minimal jewelry and vintage-style lace-up booties (again, with the Charleston theme).

Image: LoveMely Accessories

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