Sunday, June 7, 2009

Men’s Hairstyles Glossary

Stumped on what hairstyle to get or do you just want to review your options? Check out this glossary of men’s hairstyles to guide you.

Bowl cut (beach cut, pot haircut, mushroom cut): This style has cropped hair underneath several inches of long, blunt hair cut in a circle around the head. The “bowl cut,” named from the technique of placing a bowl on the head and cutting the hair beneath the bowl line, is still placed near the ears.

Business man’s cut: The business man’s cut refers to any haircut that is medium-short in length and relatively conservative. While the sides and back of the cut can be tapered a bit longer, the hair around the ears is well groomed. Hair can be brushed back or parted.

Butch (crewcut in non-U.S. Locations, buzzcut): The butch distinguishes itself from the crewcut in definition because it is cut ¼ of an inch or less and is even all over.

Caesar cut (clooney cut): The caesar cut has a horizontal cut fringe of around 1 or 2 inches. The bangs are brushed forward in the same manner as Julius Caesar.

College cut (ivy league, princeton): The back of a college cut is cut with clippers past the crown. Bangs can be brushed to one side or left plain, and bangs measure 1 to 3 inches.

: The crewcut is a short haircut, and in the U.S., it’s usually tapered at the back and sides, but can be up to an inch at the top. Non-U.S. definitions include any short haircut that is tapered at the back and sides.

Dipped bowl cut (dipped mushroom cut): This haircut follows the general guidelines of the traditional bowl cut (see above for definition), but with a slightly longer section at the back behind each ear. The cut will dip anywhere from 1 to 2 inches at the back of the head.

Dreadlocks (dreads, locks): This hairstyle is formed by matted ropes that are formed without styling aids like brushes, combs, and scissors.

Fade (temple fade): This short tapered cut tapers from zero to up to about a half inch. The hair on the top of the head measures about 2 to 3 inches and can be layered.

Fauxhawk (faux mohawk)
: The fauxhawk is created without shaving the sides of the head. The fauxhawk has a smaller but noticeable spike molded with product.

Flattop: The flattop is styled so that the top of the hair is cut into a flat surface. The hair at the top front part of the head is cut shorter than the rest of the hair at the top of the head and at the sides. Flattops generally have very short sides.

French crop: This hairstyle has a defined line around the head and is styled with was and gel. The hair measures up to 1 inch.

High and tight: The high and tight has stubble at the back and sides of the haircut, with a short ¼ inch length at the top.

Low and tight: This hairstyle is similar to the high and tight (defined above), but the sides and back are buzz cut only halfway up the head, and the top of the head is cut short or into a flattop shape.

Mohawk: The mohawk is characterized by shaving either side of the head, with a center portion of longer hair.

Mullet: The mullet is short on the front, top, and sides, but it’s long in the back.

Pompadour (pomp): The pompadour is straight back and up off the forehead.

Shaved: A shaved haircut is fashioned with a blade or electric razor.

Square back: This hairstyle is not tapered at the back and sides, but has a defined square line at the neckline. The square back style can be used in combination with a flattop, crewcut, or ivy league cut.

Wedge: The wedge is somewhat similar to a bowl cut, but the hair in the back below the ears is not cut to just one length. The taper beneath can be gradual

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