Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Designer Spotlight: Matina Amanita's Mythological Jewelry
Jewelry designer Matina Sukhahuta's collections draw on mystical creatures, lovers' gifts and calndestine intimacy. Designing under the name Matina Amanita, her pieces mix precious stone, fine gold and delicate artistry to a poetic effect—expect hidden messages underneath removable stones and floral attributes as part of the secret story in every piece.

Having studied at Central Saint Martins and graduated from Parsons School of Design, Bangkok-based Sukhahuta produces one of a kind collections that are distrubuted in quaint boutiques around the world. The collection "I love you, I love you not" features rings based on love candy, made from plated gilding metal and enamel with messages like "fuck" and "alone." The "Mini Globtrotters" collection, meanwhile, features distinctive cityscape, pieces built on top of rings in gold plated 92.5 sterling silver. Think Mini Manhattan or Mini Gaudi pieces atop wide-set rings.

Sukhahuta's latest collection "Warrior 'Til Death" explores the essence of being a man through a men's collection of powerful rings based on warrior mythology. In it, pieces of animal warriors wear suits of armor and shields—Dead Cat Armor, for instance, tells the story of a heroic cat that fights until he is a skeleton. Through fierce jewelry design, Sukhahuta is suggesting that masculinity doesn't depend on physical strength, but rather courage and bravery, brainpower and the ability to be loved.

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