Monday, June 8, 2009

Nine Steps to Healthy Skin Today

To get the perfect glow for your skin, here are nine steps for cleaner, healthy looking and easy to manage skin:

1. Prayer and meditation will assist in lowering your stress level. If a person is stressed out, the body produces hormones that actually help in aging. This in event destroys cells and creates toxic substances and free radicals. According to researches, prayers and meditation can lessen our stress level. It is a proven fact also that it helps in reducing the symptoms of cancer and other diseases which is threatening to ones life.

2. Ample amount of water is good for your health. The truth is there are 90% of people who are not drinking enough water. Remember that the body requires 8-12 glasses everyday to keep us safe from diseases.

3. If you are not getting enough sleep, about 8-10 hours a day will initially show on your skin. Make positive that you have enough sleep.

4. Appropriate nutrition is still your best friend. Eating well nutritious food can help prevent acne and pimples. Balanced meal 3 times a day is proven to lessen skin problems such as this.

5. Vitamins are also good to help you have a good skin. It is not always 100% sure that you will get the full minerals and vitamins in the food we eat. That is the reason why we have to make sure we take a multivitamins each day. There is no excuse in taking vitamins as there are generic drugs available even in Walmart. It is a proven fact that people who take vitamins live longer compared to those who don't.

6. Cleaning your skin as it should be is also important. Do not use products like soaps which will dry out your skin. A mild cleanser with 2% salicylic acid would be good. It is proven to be effective in taking away excess oils while at the same time preserving the proper hydration and pH. The acidity of the salicylic acid will help keep the bacteria away.

7. Smoking, just like not taking vitamins, will put years away from you. It is suggested that you refrain from smoking. According to researches, smoking will add up to years of aged on your skin. If you cannot help it, try having nicotine patch or gum. These products will help you out alleviate your cravings.

8. Applying sunscreen on your skin is also a good protection. The skin has its own protection against the sun's rays but still it does not have match against the UV rays of the sun. You may think that skin cancer is not rampant but think again. Go to the nearest dermatologist or oncology center so you can see pictures of the people with this disease and you will not think about it the same way again.

9. Treating yourself to a Spa at least ones every year will energize your skin and heal your skin. TCA peeling will enable your skin to improve its ability to renew itself and increase collagen levels.

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