Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rock-n-Roll Bride by Claire Pettibone

I am really freaking out about Claire Pettibone’s new Rock-n-Roll Bride Collection of gowns for 2009. Don’t worry, it’s not what you think. There’s no leather corsetry or fishnet dresses or anything like that. It’s a line of couture quality gowns with offbeat, irreverent designs, unusual silhouettes, and ingenious textural combinations.

dawn by pettiboneThis Dawn gown utilizes a completely new combination of long and short layering that is almost budoir in its appeal. I love the lacey details. It looks like something that the very daring heroine in a Jackie Collins novel would wear, and yes, I do meant that as a compliment.

gothiqueThe Gothique gown is a fabulous melding of a sleek sheath with delicate lace overlay. The dark crystal enhanced bodice and sweet ribbon corset back are lovely touches that a lot of women will love.

midnight-1This Midnight gown might be my favorite from the collection. The front of the gown is sleek and sophisticated, but what really kills me is the way the deep-v back is adorned by that gorgeous black rose.

This line is replete with sophisticated gowns with rock-n-roll touches that I think will appeal to a lot of women, even some that don’t love rock-n-roll

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