Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Skin Care Tips For Women Over 30

Once we reach the age of 30, there isn't a fresh dawn where we don't notice the development of new blemishes or blotches on our faces.

However, thanks to the advancement of modern medicines, we can fight the onset of age related blemishes. The skin care industry presents us with many effective options. Many are totally non invasive where as others are slightly invasive. I've compiled an outline of all the major products below.

Skin Peels
The skin peel reduces the effects of aging on our skin by lightly exfoliating the outermost layer of skin, which reveals the healthier fresher skin beneath. Skin peels are recommended for people with fair skin tone, they also come in three different varieties:

Light peels are used to reduce the onset of acne. They're also used to even out the skin tone, reduce the roughness of rough skin, soften finer lines and reduce the effect of light damage caused by the sun.

Medium peels are used to soften wrinkles and reduce discoloration and blemishes.
Deep peels are predominantly used to rid the skin of pre-cancerous cells, reduce the severest of skin damage and last but not least smooth out the deepest of wrinkles.

Facials are the cleansing agents of the skin care product range. They're used to tone, exfoliate and moisturize the skin to leave it feeling unbelievably soft and revitalized.

Originally designed by world famous dermatologist Zein Obagi, this range of elite skin care products work on the cells. Regular daily use will leave your skin feeling healthier and younger looking. To find out which range of Obagi product will work best for you it's best to consult your doctor. They work primarily by restoring the health of sun and acne damaged skin to its former glory.

Dermabrasion works best for those with darker skin tones although they can be used by anyone. It reduces acne, scars, fine lines and discoloration by exfoliating the damaged skin to reveal the fresh skin beneath.

No matter what treatment you decide to utilise, you'll gain best results if you follow it up with a good daily skin care regime.

Many of the greatest skin care products are only available from your physician. You won't find these in any old store.

Revaleskin's is an exceptional product which use of the Coffee Berry. Coffee berries are an incredibly powerful antioxidant. Revaleskin includes a three step process using a cleanser and a moisturizer followed by a nightly applicable cream.

This was specially designed to fight the effect of sun damage. It is free from color, dyes and fragrance.

There is also a fantastic new makeup from the guys behind the Bare Escentuals range of mineral makeups. It's called ColoreScience and comes 100% free of talcs, dyes, mineral oils, fillers, perfumes and other ingredients commonly found in perfumes.

Treat your skin by exfoliating it regularly. Don't allow father time near you, find a good product range and continue using it to keep the glow alive.

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