Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yesterday’s Hairstyles Fashionable And Trendy Today

What are the fashionable and trendy hairstyles for men at the moment? Classic Mullet or Afro certainly aren’t trendy hairstyles anymore, but don’t be surprised to discover that fashionable and trendy hairstyles today, like all things fashionable and trendy, are actually variations of fashionable hairstyles of the past. Wrong is general assumption that men only recently, with insertion of metrosexual man, started to fashion different hairstyles. Trendy in men’s hairstyles today is actually variations of fashionable hairstyles of the past.

Buzz Cut

Buzzed hairstyles are wrongly considered the fashionable and trendy hairstyles of the early 2000s only. It is forgotten that buzzed hairstyles were always popular hairstyles for athletes, soldiers, monks, or industrial workers. Buzzed cuts were fashionable hairstyles among 70s punk stars and also trendy hairstyles for many who liked them. Even some artsy women fashioned them. Think Sinéad O’Connor. Buzzed hairstyles of today are identical to those of yesterday. Short all over.

Faux Hawk

One of the trendy hairstyles for men of the recent years is Faux Hawk. Many youngsters sporting them aren’t aware that Faux Hawk hairstyle is a trendy version of classic Mohawk hairstyle. Mohawk hairstyle is when both sides are shaved or buzzed, and the hair is long in the middle. Mohawk tribes traditionally wore Mohawk. Mohawk hairstyle is usually associated with punkers, which commonly colored their Mohawks and wore the middle strip of hair so that it directs upright to sometimes striking height. Today’s fashionable version of Mohawk, Faux Hawk hairstyle, is small spike in the centre accomplished without buzzing or shaving either side of the head.

Crew Cut

The most popular hairstyles for men for the last couple years are short Crew Cut hairstyles and it’s many variations. This hairstyle is closely trimmed around the sides and back with slightly more hair on top. Members of the college rowing crews originally wore this hairstyle in 20s. After being adopted by military, Crew Cut became one of the most fashionable hairstyles among civilian in early 50s. Crew Cut became fashionable ones again in 90s and remained so ‘til today. Today’s fashionable version of Crew Cut is either extra short at the top like with High and Tight version, or just long enough to mess it up a little or finger into place.

Classic Hairstyle

As the name says these all-times fashionable hairstyles echo the classic gentlemen’s hair cuts of the past. These hairstyles are also called Layered and basically it is styled in the way that hair is cut at middle length with being cut slightly longer in the centre and shorter around the edges, with fronts swept to the side. It is the style usually associated with men of style form classic movies. It was religiously fashioned by actors playing James Bond and many others. Today’s trendy versions of this hairstyle are using a lot of texturizing and applying pomade all over dry hair and fingering into place.

Long Hair

Longer hairstyles were the most fashionable hairstyles of the 70s and 80s. These long trendy hairstyles for men of the 70s and 80s disappeared completely in late 90s and slowly but surely are making comeback in 2006. We’ve seen them a lot on catwalks for spring/summer 2006 collections. Today’s fashionable long hairstyles are more textured than those from the past. Not as big as before today’s trendy versions of long hairstyles are textured and disheveled, or fine, more controllable and made to follow hair’s natural texture.

Fashionable hairstyles, like everything else in world of fashionable and trendy, are cycling trough it’s natural periods and becoming fashionable and trendy when the right time comes. That’s why, when ideas run out; it is always clever to look into archive of trends for an inspiration. There is an interesting program named ”virtual hairstyles” available on the Internet that basically gives you an opportunity to try virtually many different trendy hairstyles and find out which one is the most flattering

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