Saturday, March 6, 2010


Miss Karen Black. That's right.

A heartfelt, tearful, and slightly drunken "Thanks!" to all who stepped in during our latest time of need and participated in our little fundraiser. It is because of these generous individuals that our humble chateau can be enjoyed by all. So, let us propose a toast to these kind souls. Drinks on the house!


Yes, darlings, it's time for us to renew our Google Paid Storage account, which includes the Picasa Web Album wherein our vast archives are stored. The fee is minimal, however due to our current sabbatical from reality we are temporarily without a source of income. So once again we're depending upon the kindness of strangers. If you've enjoyed your visits to our humble chateau, and perhaps a tumble with a houseboy or three, please consider leaving a small donation to continue that tradition. It will be greatly appreciated, and you'll be making fabulous karma.


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