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Always, in all ages of people concerned with the question: Can the gems affect their owners? Do the gems healing powers or not?

Reached us stories about the extraordinary power of gemstones. In all these states: they have saved people from serious illnesses ... In most cases, these stories are exaggerated and many of them are the stuff of legend, but the scientists say, from such evidence can not dismiss, and every legend has some truth.

That is why in Calcutta Medical Institute established therapy, which is a wonderful collection of precious stones, which are used for medicinal purposes.

In Europe, often hold seminars where demonstrate practical methods of treatment mainly through rock crystal, as well as malachite, lapis lazuli and turquoise. Interesting aside: these stones often found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs.

Generally used for the treatment of stones cheap and not very hard. It does not matter - they are faceted or not.

How do gems treated?

Currently, knowledge of the miraculous properties of gemstones possess mostly Indians and Thais, as well as some tribes of American indeytsev.Samaya simplest procedure is as follows.

The stones are arranged so that they were lying on the critical points (energy centers) of the patient - the chakras. According to ancient Indian doctrine, those parts of the human body, where the most pronounced vitality and perceived external influences.


Another way of miraculous healing can experience the people who over the years are a particular gemstone. In this case, between a rock and a man set a special bond.

Amazing things talk about jade and opal: with severe diseases of the host they can lose its luster. Often, this occurs before the disease manifested itself. Many Chinese women immediately run to the doctor if you notice that their jade bracelet darkened.

Scientists mineralogy explain such phenomena as follows: the chemical composition of sweat in a human patient is completely different than that of the healthy. Stone is in contact with the skin reacts to the changes of the body.

One night, the patient woke up from a weak crunch. Of course, terribly frightened, began to look for the cause of the unpleasant sound. And it turned out - a ring in his opal fell to pieces. After this incident, the patient's state of health was rapidly improving. Needless to say, an incredible phenomenon!

Credence to it many times confirmed and dedicated explain it like this: the stone "sucked" disease, cleared of the disease the host organism and thereby exposed himself to destruction, like a living creature. As they say, the stone had sacrificed himself for the sake of the owner.

And how many stories told about the jade! That someone is truly a miracle healer!


Jade gets rid of a very unpleasant disease - kidney stones and Spanish and is called - the stone from the kidney.

When the Spanish conquistadors invaded the empire of the Incas and Aztecs, they noticed many of the natives on the strips of special (they are snug against the lower back in the kidney area) jade stones.

In the Netherlands, in the middle of the XVII century, a book dedicated to the healing properties of jade. In an old edition tells about one doctor who for the treatment of kidney stones, getting rid of renal colic brought from America nephritis.

Two patients of the experimenter's get rid of kidney stones, because on the advice of the doctor-traveler always worn on the waist stone healer. Sand and rocks were derived directly through the ureters. Procedure, of course, was quite painful, and patients had to periodically remove from the body of the stone.

So ... how to pick up a suitable stone to become a faithful companion and personal healer?

Choose the right stone - is not easy. Are not enough tables analogies and the date of their own birthday. Needs a real expert who intuitively feels someone what stone fits best.

Some scientists mineralogists give such advice. It should go to a jewelry store that sells a variety of stones: a simple and polished all categories.

Next you need to tune so as to feel - you succumbed to a sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow stone. In this condition, mental concentration is not important, it is important not to constrain their own intuition. And suddenly, the following may occur.


Some of the stones "speak" to you, as if alive. This will happen in the spirit of the old wisdom, she says, there is no dead matter - all things live and speak their own language. They have their own light, their hesitation. And after you hear the voice of stone, come and get it. This is your friend and healer.

Finally I want to remind readers of "warnings" about what magical powers, according to the ancient written sources, have some stones.

Aventurine creates a happy, joyful mood is cheerful.

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Amazonite prolongs youth, heals nerve disease.


Smoky quartz helps addicts get rid of addiction.


Gagate removes the evil eye and spoilage.


Hyacinth makes insomnia, gives strength in fatigue, melancholy.


Pomegranate protects against toxins, expels "the devil."


Emerald helps clairvoyance develops eloquence, drives away melancholy and sadness.


Lapis clarifies thoughts.


Malachite helps with nervous exhaustion, strengthens eyesight.


Carnelian relieves headaches, lowers blood pressure, promotes healing of wounds, save us from the troubles and thieves.


Red corals help to get married, white contribute to divination and enhance memory and heart.


Hawkeye helps in the fight against the enemies, sharpens the sense of danger.


Ruby on hand a good man guarding the home and family, and on the hand of evil - attracts demons.


Sapphire drives away fear and illness, cheers the heart.


Chalcedony cleanses the human biofield, develops insight and eloquence.


Crystal helps to predict the future.


Jasper green ward off evil spirits and snakes: white and yellow developing foresight: red stops bleeding and treats diseases of the stomach: variegated jasper heals all diseases and protects against wild beasts.


It is believed that the cup of jasper neutralize all poisons.                                                        

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