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Lipstick - a woman's weapon, which helps to look luxurious and seductive. We offer to talk about one of the most popular cosmetics, which along with the mascara is always to be found in women's handbags. Today, from cosmetics and requires more money. The selection is not just the most expensive lipstick, but also the best quality. 10. Lipstick Pure Color Envy Sculpting from Estee Lauder - $ 30

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Lipstick Pure Color Envy Sculpting from Estee Lauder Cosmetic product costing $ 30 can change the lips, and the mood of the image. With it will be possible to improve the lip line and pigments make the color perfect. The structure of the lipstick is very tender and well moisturizes lips all day. Lipstick gently falls evenly. She deserves to be in your purse! 9. Lipstick "Voluptuous Monica" from Dolce and Gabbana - $ 34

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Lipstick "Voluptuous Monica" from Dolce and Gabbana fashion house Dolce and Gabbana presented a collection of 6 lipsticks named Muse, Italian model and actress Monica Bellucci. The collection includes such lipstick: "Italian Monica" 160 "Attractive Monica" 140 "Magnetic Monica" 120 "Elegant Monica" 100 "Only Monica '80" Natural Monica "60." Voluptuous Monica "- is resistant lipstick with a silky texture. Special components are visually enhance lips. Rich colors and creamy texture make them more sensual. 8. Red Lipstick №999 from Christian Dior - $ 34

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Lipstick №999 Red by Christian Dior Lipstick by Christian Dior cost of $ 34 is presented in the new formula, and in 32 fashionable shades, scallop extract stimulates skin renewal lips. Delicate texture envelops lips lipstick delicate silk. Red lipstick on her lips Natalie Portman got her number 999 on the combination of red lipsticks and №9 №99. 7. Lipstick "Red Rose" by Givenchy - $ 36

Most-Expensive-Lipsticks-7 (700x435, 91Kb)
Lipstick "Red Rose" by Givenchy Lipstick "Red Rose" by Givenchy worth $ 36 is characterized by a bright coral color, shine and silky texture. Thanks to the lightweight structure of the lips moisturized and visually increase. As a result, they become not only a beautiful shape and tenderness, but also a beautiful matte color. The cap is made ​​of leather, which is not only pleasant to the touch, but also protects against scratches. 6. Persistent lipstick from Kanebo Sensai - $ 40

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Persistent lipstick from Kanebo Sensai resistant lipstick from Kanebo Sensai Intense Lasting costs 40 dollars. It is odorless, ideally kept on the lips for a long time. Lipstick is available in several colors, for example: 112 (Hazemomiji) peach color with golden sparkles, 103 (Usuiro) soft pink with gold glitter, 102 (Soubi) - orange-red, 110 (Hananadeshiko) red and pink, 109 (Neshoubu) warm Pink and 101 (Hitoeume) bright pink with silver glitter. The names of colors are in Japanese, and the color number you can find on the website of Neiman Marcus. 5. Lipstick "G Jewel" with a mirror from Guerlain - $ 51

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Lipstick "G Jewel" with mirror by Guerlain It's not just lipstick, but also an exceptional jewel. Besides luxury case, lipstick strikes amazing formula, which includes ruby powder for a luxurious shine, kapsulki with hyaluronic acid to smooth skin of the lips and mango butter for long-lasting hydration. When you open the case of the Parisian designer Lorenz Baumer found lipstick and mirror. 4. Lipstick "Cellular Luxe" from La Prairie - $ 55

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Lipstick "Cellular Luxe" by La Prairie Because that case is made ​​of silver, the price of lipstick "Cellular Luxe" by La Prairie is 55 dollars. Besides the luxurious appearance, her dignity is considered caviar extract combined with other moisturizing and visually enhance lips components. Limited edition lipstick. 3. Moisturizing lipstick from Sisley - $ 60

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Hydrating Lipstick by Sisley In third place on our list is a moisturizing lipstick from the company worth $ 60 Sisley. This cosmetic product offers long-lasting hydration and protection of the lips, which is the most important characteristic of quality tools. Among the ingredients in lipstick contains vitamin C, vitamin E and calendula extract. Lipstick is available in a variety of colors with different effects - from pearlescent, transfusion of color to a silky shine. 2. Lipstick "KissKiss" by Guerlain - 62 thousand dollars

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Lipstick "KissKiss" by Guerlain At one time it was the most expensive lipstick in the world. But not today! Lipstick "KissKiss" by Guerlain is available in 15 exclusive colors and luxury boxes, which are the cause of high prices. The case is made ​​of 110 grams of 18 carat gold and 199 shimmering diamonds weighing 2.2 carats. This is the perfect gift for a loved one.Mozhnodazhe engrave your name or inscription on the case. Co-author of this masterpiece Herve van der Straten said that lipstick is just magical, because no one knows how it will be transformed, after the first layer with the time has come. 1.Lipstick and mascara from H. Couture Beauty - $ 14 million

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Lipstick and mascara from H. Couture Beauty is the most expensive lipstick cosmetic kit from the company H. Couture Beauty, which was established in 2006 in cooperation with TayshaSmit Ueyliz. Besides lipsticks, complete represented mascara case which is made ​​of 18-carat gold and encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Mascara itself costs about $ 600, and lipstick 150, but thanks to the popularity of the product among women of Las Vegas, the price soared. New case for mascara encrusted 2500 blue diamond instead of Swarovski crystals, and a lipstick case - 1200 pink diamonds. The price, $ 14 million, includes a number of services: the services of lifelong personal assistant, servicing, discounts on products, packaging and clock telephone support. Here are just a cosmetics store will have a safe, but not in the usual beautician.) 

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