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And you know how to decorate affect your well-being and health? Jewelry can also significantly affect the fate depending on whether they are made ​​from a material and put on a finger. Many scholars argue that for each person fits your type of jewelry. For someone to be the best to wear gold jewelry for someone silver. It should be noted that the gold and silver ornaments are not always suitable for our body. Gold is a chemical and magnetically active element stimulates the biochemical processes in the human body, while silverware - suppress them. Any effects on biochemical processes of fashion jewelry in the body - is not revealed. Given this circumstance, if a person feels tired, he had a disease of the cardiovascular system or kidneys, the best cure for it will be gold jewelry. gold jewelry to wear and stands people suffering from gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer. Gold for its tonic effect is very suitable middle-aged ladies Gold chains - a real salvation for people suffering from depression wanton, gold has a favorable property of the human body, improves mood. If the body is, any inflammation - the wearing of gold jewelry is strictly prohibited - metal only enhance these processes Wear gold and begin to work with it better at sunrise on Sunday. And, of course, gold endowed magical power to bring wealth. Best amulet for this purpose was and is considered a gold nugget. For lack of a nugget, you can use the gold coins. And if not, and it is then usually you need to fax a coin in gold and constantly carry in your purse. There are several professions for which gold is particularly well suited as a mascot. This chemists, builders and architects, printers and businessmen. And it is a powerful talisman for miners, protecting against falls and helps in work underground for a long time to maintain physical strength and good spirits.

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Silver jewelry plays a cardinal role reverse: they comfort and give a welcome calm feel. Rings - Silver help relieve inflammation in the body, and gold, on the contrary, will only reinforce them. People who suffer from frequent headaches should give preference to silver jewelry. We person who prefers silver earrings, improves memory; Silver helps fight allergic reactions;Wearing a long chain around the neck helps the work of such bodies as the heart and lungs. A short wearing a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland; Bracelets and watches made ​​of silver can become an assistant in the treatment of infertility .People suffering from high blood pressure, do not recommend to get involved in massive silver rings: wearing them can trigger a jump in blood pressure; In severe migraines, you need to buy silver chains and bracelets; As silver jewelry useful for women who are prone to hysteria and instability of mood (eg, during menopause), as silver leads to normal nervous system, people with obesity, as well shown wearing silver ware Silver is an indicator of our health - if the toe of products from the metal they darken or oxidize, it indicates the presence of any serious internal diseases. You should not wear jewelry of both gold and silver. This negative effect on the body.


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