Saturday, November 15, 2014


Today I want to introduce you to the amazing work of French designer jewelry Maud Villared.
Maud Villared was born and raised in France. She studied at the renowned School of Design Duperre specialty "Textile Art" (if translated literally) and in the final year of training was an intern in West Africa (Mali). There, she was fascinated by the local culture, customs and especially the variety of locally produced fabrics.
After graduation Maud Villared some time worked as a designer of clothes. But love for the African style and original accessories never left her.She begins to create decorations and opens his own brand Toubab Paris (Toubab - in the language of the inhabitants of West Africa means "white person").
For their products designer only uses the fabric produced on the African continent, most often been used previously. Currently brand Toubab, besides jewelry, also offers handbags, belts and other accessories in the African style, which are sold in more than 15 countries worldwide.
Watch and be inspired!

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