Monday, June 8, 2009

Dangerous Acne Treatments For Pregnant Women

When you suffer from acne, it is usually a good idea to treat it in some way. However, this is not true all of the time. There is one time in life that you cannot treat acne when you want to and that is during pregnancy. This is one of the most delicate times of a woman's life and she needs to take extra care for herself in other ways. When she does feel like treating her acne, she has to be extremely cautious and equip herself with correct information from a doctor or dermatologist.

This advice must be remembered even by those people who may get pregnant in the near future or who have had a baby recently and are still breastfeeding. The following medications are not good for anyone who is pregnant as they can cause harm to the unborn fetus or to the mother herself:

The first type of treatments we will look at are hormone therapies. These can include spirolactone, flutamide and estrogen. They are ones you should never take while pregnant. They can be very harmful and can lead to some very serious problems for both the child and mother.

The next treatment is Isotreinoin. This one can also put a pregnant woman's health and child in danger. This drug can have nasty effects for those who are pregnant as well as those women who are currently breastfeeding. If you are allowed to take this drug while pregnant, you must make sure to be frequently monitored by a qualified physician. You should stay away from this treatment completely if you are trying to conceive.

Oral tetracycline type treatments such as minocycline, doxycycline and tetreacycline must never be a treatment option for they too will do you no good while pregnant. Again, they must not also be used by mothers who are breastfeeding as they can be a threat to both of your lives. Some of the other common side-effects of these types of medications include bone disorders and permanent tooth discoloration.

The last treatments that you need to ignore when pregnant are topical retinoids such as tretinoin, adapalene and tazarotene. Just like all the above treatment methods, these too are hazardous to your health and that of your baby. Regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, it is unwise to use any of the above mentioned methods.

If you want to treat your acne while pregnant, you should remember to never risk the health of yourself or of your unborn child for a slightly prettier face. Stick to very safe remedies such as daily facial cleansing and drinking lots of water and eating healthier foods such as fruit and vegetables. Ask your doctor or dermatologist for a non-toxic and preferably natural topical treatment you can use for acne that contains no dangerous chemicals that could effect the health of your baby. There may be some supplements that they can recommend that will actually benefit your skin and your health at the same time.

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