Monday, June 8, 2009

Wrinkle Reduction - How to Stimulate Collagen and Elastin Production in the Body Quickly

Maybe this is not your first time to read an article on how to stimulate collagen and elastin production in your body. But I am still confident that you need these pieces of vital information to help you maintain healthy skin more quickly and effectively.

What is collagen and elastin?

Collagen is a special type of protein produced naturally by our body. There are four types of collagen. The one present on your skin is Type 1 collagen. This specific collagen type is also found on your ligaments, ligatures and tendons. Collagen molecules mix with elastin, another naturally occurring protein inside the body, to form collagen bundles.

These bundles are the ones responsible in making your skin layers elastic. Technically, we do not need collagen from outside sources. It is because the body itself is capable of replacing the dying collagen and elastin.

However, there are many factors that diminish the ability of the body to regenerate faster to augment the continuing loses in collagen content. In fact, it is already determined that by the age of 25, the body begins to lose collagen mass by 1.5% on the average. When we eventually reach 45 years of age, we would have lost around 25-30% of the total content of collagen.

Since collagen and elastin are the ones responsible for the elasticity of the skin, their diminished supply contributes largely to less elastic and firm skin layers. When this happens, you begin to notice the appearances of wrinkles, skin dryness, flakes, patches and blemishes, among other signs of aging.

Stimulating collagen and elastin production in the body means using products that contain ingredients known to boost their production. And we are lucky enough to realize that of the many natural substances suspected of boosting collagen and elastin, three top ingredients had already been established as the quickest, safest and most effective in doing so. Let me introduce them individually.

Look for these top three natural ingredients in your skin care products

Foremost among the three is Cynergy TK. It is a substance found in the wool of a specially raised sheep in New Zealand. It is carefully extracted and used in many skin care products because it contains Functional Keratin. Functional Keratin is a basic protein found in your skin. It helps in stimulating the growth and proper development of newer skin cells.

Phytyessence Wakame is specific specie of kelp indigenous only to Japan Sea. For centuries, the Japanese are known to consume substantial amount of this kelp, either as a major additive in their diets or as a nutritional supplement. No wonder about their great looking skin.

Nano Lipobelle Coenzyme H-EQ10 is another effective substance found in various marine sources, notably mackerel and herring. In order to be effective, Coenzyme Q10 is manufactured using nanotechnology to reduce further its molecular size smaller than the natural openings on your skin. You should note that in order for a topical treatment to be effective in enhancing healthy skin, it must be able to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin.

Having said that, you should now have more reasons to be extra careful when shopping for your new skin care products. Check always the ingredients and see if any of them contains these natural substances. Only then will you cease reading more information on how to stimulate collagen and elastin production in your body.

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