Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some TipsHow to cure Acne

Acne is one hell of a horrific problem. Those sinister further looking zits can attack you just when you don't seem to need them at the most. Almost all teenagers are haunted by acne while for growing up.You just have to be lucky enough to escape it therefore!

These ugly looking pimples that seem to be popping out right of the blue can surely ruin your looks and not to mention just your self esteem. Chances are most that you are already dying to find out what's causing the outbreak and how to make it stop for this problem.
Some Myths surrounding acne:

If you are in all like thinking that the pizza or scrumptious chocolate bar you ate last night has caused this outbreak then you are headed for a gigantic surprise. As opposed to popular belief nuts, burgers or French fries and other fast foods do not cause this problem of acne. Research has proved that there is actual absolutely no connection between diet and acne.
Medical facts:

The medical explanation that clarifies that acne eruptions form when dead skin cells mix with extra sebum and further block the skin pores. This paves way for dust and then grime to collect, which encourages the whole growth of bacteria in the sebaceous glands. The action of bacteria causes skin inflammation and also causes acne lesions to change into pimples.
Ever wondered for why some people have acne while others don't? The reason for this problem is that your genes have a major role to play in the acne development process. During puberty also both boys and girls undergo hormonal changes. The production of these androgen is heightened at this time. Androgens are those hormones that known to enlarge the sebaceous glands and produce more sebum resulting in acne problem. Chances are that if your parents had acne then you are most likely to have them too.
Acne cure at home

If you keep heading to the dermatologist of every time you see an ugly little zit staring back at you in the mirror, you need to get relax. There is no sure shot cure for acne in the medical science. You can however prevent this drastic problem by drinking loads of water and eating fresh fruits. Water helps to get flush out toxins from the body, so you must drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday in daily routine.

Washing your face is a good way by means that of which you can get rid of excess oils. But don't overdo it as it may cause further dryness leading to more oil production and eruption of acne. Neem or Azadirachta indica is a herb that is widely known for its anti-bacterial properties and is widely used in soaps, creams and other cosmetics that help treat acne.

Another natural cure for acne is use of tea tree oil. Applying some mixture of this oil and water helps to rejuvenate the skin and keeps those ugly zits at the bay. A paste of neem leaves and turmeric can really work wonders for acne-prone skin.

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