Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Taking care of a woman’s treasure- the facial skin

Apart from the skin being one of the largest organs of the body, it forms the big share of what is described as beautiful or ugly.

This is why it is an absolute treasure to women from every corner of this wide planet and some spend extravagantly to see to it that it is looking youthful and alluring with no facial blemishes to be precise.

Also, she is universally agreed to be the symbol of beauty that should be both the physical and invisible one.

However in this article, I am not interested in discussing the inside skin that is only known without a doubt by doctors but the one detected by everybody by looking at women’s faces.

The common acne problem

Acne on women is common because of the nature of functioning of their hormones during pregnancy, premenstrual acne breakouts, irregular menstrual cycles and use or discontinuing use of contraceptives among other problems.

If you want to find out, just observe many women’s skin when they are expectant, some before, during or after their periods, pimples are just about everywhere on their faces.

Facial skin is very delicate for some of us who suffer major acne breakouts, which dermatologist argue that it depends on a persons skin type.

The oily skin is the favorite breeding ground for the bacterial P.acnes (Propionibacterium acnes), which explains why most of the victims are indubitable owners of this type.

The dry skin type appears too dry resulting from extreme exposure to sun, wind, destructive soaps, poor diet, aging, inadequate hydration, intense steaming of the face, use of drying packs and masks, dry cosmetics use, a certain medication and so on.

When the skin sebaceous glands that produce sebum oil that lubricates the skin grow inactive, the dryness can result.

A combination skin type will consist of both the dry and the oily skin type that means that this woman must treat each part separately.

It also does have puffed-up pores that form hiding points for dirt and grease, which clarify why this skin type is prone to many frequent facial blemishes.

It is not any harder to discover an aging skin but there might be differences in the rates at which skin of people of the same ages deteriorates.

In order for a woman to take care of her facial skin well, she must know which type this is before they can use just about any acne remedy to cure it.

Doing this may further irritate the skin and make acne problem intolerable, because without her seeking the doctor’s advice, she may not know where to start.

When washing the facial skin, it is important to avoid scrubbing it hard but instead should gently do this with just a mild cleanser at least twice a day especially after an exhausting workout.

Astringents are recommended for only an oily skin and on the specific spots detected by your beautician or doctor to be oily.

It is also advocated that women who want to have an attractive facial skin in relation to the topic of this article should not squeeze, rub or touch their pimples or blemishes, just let them be!

I am a woman too and I can tell you this is my tenth year with back acne and even after trying hard to follow the instructions given for my particular case, I only see them break out, hurt and disappear.

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