Monday, June 8, 2009

Wrinkle Reduction - How to Keep Skin Young Looking

Normally, you will not likely see young children reading articles on how to keep skin young looking. The explanation is simple. Because of their tender years, they simply have no need for it.

I miss the tender years

When you were still a child, your body is capable of optimizing its own self-rejuvenating powers. It was able to produce and replenish all body cells, except your brain cells, as quickly as it can. But as you advance in age, your body's inherent ability in regenerating cells is diminished.

To a certain extent, we are helpless. Rapid deterioration of cells and tissues is a natural consequence of aging. To another extent, however, we are also responsible in the fast deterioration of our bodily conditions. Our unhealthy lifestyle, imbalanced diet, smoking, lack of regular exercise and continued exposure to pollutants hasten the continuing decline of our body.

Can we trust those cosmetic companies??

Many skin care companies produce varying products that help you how to keep your skin young looking. Most of them are supposedly very promising. But are they really effective and safe to use? Do they truly deliver the ideal end result of a young looking skin. Let us find out more.

A huge number of skin care products contain very harmful chemicals that only damage further your skin. Some of them were also found to cause cancer. To make these products more attractive to potential buyers, many leading companies also include fragrance and other synthetic additives.

Sad to say, these products only provide palliative treatments. They do not actually address the root cause of aging skin.

Aging skin is brought about by many factors. It is primarily due to the rapid loss of collagen beneath the skin layers, dehydration and free radicals. Any skin care regimen must focus its regenerative effects on those factors.

A handful number of companies now produce their skin care products using only all natural ingredients. Thanks to continuing research studies and clinical tests conducted, we now know what specific ingredients to look for in our skin care creams, among others.

Go natural

Out of the many essential ingredients now known to make our skin young looking, three have been identified as most effective and safest to use. These are Cynergy TK, Nano Lipobelle Coenzyme Q10 and Phytessence Wakame. These are all natural substances taken from plants and animals. They are known to boost rapidly collagen regeneration even with aging people.

Also equally important is our ability to rehydrate every day. Water is essential in all cellular metabolic processes. Reduced water level inside the body slows down cellular activities.

On regular weather, you must drink at least eight glasses of water per day. During hotter days, you need to drink more. Do not replace water with soda and caffeine. They are not natural substitutes for your plain water.

Skin moisturizers also help us retain more water within our skin. People who are not able to maximize water retention on the skin surface are prone to developing wrinkles, skin dryness, flaking and scaling, etc. look for skin moisturizers that truly help your skin resist evaporation and absorb more moisture.

What keep you now from doing something now that you know how to make skin young looking?

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