Wednesday, January 20, 2010


2 photos of mine that I am proud of! Styling by my sister. image 1 is Ilda/ Elite Stockholm in a Paul and Joe dress. Image 2 is of Leona/ Mikas in a white Byblos dress and flowers.

I am doing a project for a magazine where I am supposed to let them know what my shopping habits will be for Spring 2010 plus to give them a couple of portraits of myself. The portraits thing has driven me a little bit crazy.......And So I have gone through my whole Computer for images of myself...ohlalala!!! on this journey though I found things I have styled a long time ago and became sort of Overwhelmingly Nostalgic!

Here is to the Past:)

Thanks to All Who has Been Loves of Mine during this new Century.

Happy New Year to All of You! I wish All of you The Very Best 2010.

First image was a project I had at my first job, it was to do market work to style Kings and Queens of New York:) and I can not for my life remember who shot it:( then on to Jon Bergman, Alice (my sister who shot backstage photos of Nike in red tylle skirt and my assistant backstage of a shoot I did for Paper Magaizne), Martina Olsson, Poppy de Villeneuve, 3 of Martina Olsson and last my dear Lena Modigh.

There are more to thank since I've worked with so many during this decade. I will dedicate something else to them later!

Lindha Portman

Like an Artsy Beautiful Victorian Lady!
I have been working on signs and photos for my booth! My pink booth is getting a complete makeover!!!

I really want to make my booth feel more "personal", like a little shop. Very little shop considering my booth is only 40 square feet!

I can't have my own store, but I can just keep making my booth better. I had two booths, but I have decided to downsize to just my pink booth. I want to be able to spend all my time on it! With spring coming I also will have less time to work on my booth! I have alot of work to do outside this year! (those who follow my blog have seen the photos! yikes!)

I thought cute little signs framed sitting in the booth here and there would be a cute added touch! I sell purses new and old, Marilyn Monroe photos, glassware, decorative items, and anything that is cute. Here is a old photo of my booth taken sometime last year....

I have sold most everything in this photo. The pretty white desk & hutch is gone. It always looked so pretty in my booth, but I sold it. (money is good!) Now I just have to find time to do all this,.

I have always liked Marilyn Monroe. I love the Andy Warhol prints of Marilyn. That is basically where my "collection" and "love" for her started.

There is a photo of Marilyn in almost every room of my house. The inspiration piece for my bedroom is my orange Marilyn Warhol print. I have been working on decorating my bedroom for over a year now. I am excited to say that I finally took my Warhol print and had it framed. I can't wait to share my photos of my bedroom!!!

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