Saturday, February 20, 2010

Moonstruck at the Opera by the Talented Photographer Bersa and the Question of the Power of an Outfit

I lucked upon a rerun of the movie "Moonstuck" (1987) last night on TV. It is a romantic comedy with Cher, Nicolas Cage and Vincent Gardenia. If you have seen the movie, you remember the scene where Ronny (Nicolas Cage) invites his brother's fiance, Loretta (Cher) to the Opera after they had slept with each other the night before. It was a wild and crazy night that was not in her plans. So, Cher's character goes to the Opera as a final farewell to Johnny, supposedly begrudgingly while still professing to want to marry Johnny's brother Cosmo. But then, Cher shows up looking like the ravishing black haired beauty that she is in real life, dressed to the nines and the affair continues that evening... and her decision changes and her path changes in life. It is a great movie and a classic.
Do you think her updated makeover made her more confident to follow her heart and leap with abandon into passionate love with Johnny? It is interesting to ponder about the actual power of the perfect red lipstick, hair, accessories or outfit. Is it all like armour that gets us ready for battle to take on the world?

If dressing properly creates a shield and armor of power, then these pictures are proof of being ready for battle in the most feminine war in the world... The battle to capture love.

(My fav of the day)

Which outfit would you like to wear
if you had a date with destiny
at the Opera this evening?
I would wear the long gold sequined skirt with the huge pink satin bow and the matching black button up shirt with gold sequined cap sleeves. Simply divine, fitting for the season and any battle for love. I would surely have the inner strength and confidence to capture my man's heart (again) in that ensemble.


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