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The hair and face, nails play an important role in the formation of the external appearance of the woman, its attractiveness and beauty. Men like beautiful and well-groomed female hands with neat fingernails. Availability manicured nails say about the accuracy and honesty of the woman or girl. In this article, we'll look at how to do a manicure and nail care.
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So, to make a professional manicure at home , so who do in beauty salons, we will need the following tools:
1 nail file, it is desirable to have a nail file has been polished,
2 ceramic nail file or pumice,
3 or pusher trimmer manicure,
4 special scissors to remove the cuticle,
5 clippers.
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Also, for nail home, preferably directly to prepare:
1 tool to remove the cuticle,
2 cotton pads or tampons,
3 saucer with warm water,
4 soft cloth (it can be cloth or towel)
5 liquid soap and bath salt (to make bath for nails)
6 hand cream or cream for hands and nails.

Now we start to do manicure at home . The first procedure, which should be his start - a preparation to manicure nails.
1: Remove nail polish.
Take nail polish remover without acetone, put on a cotton pad and gently remove nail polish.
2 gives nails shape and luster
Now we need the nail file.
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It is important to remember the following rules:
- To file and grind only dry nails to prevent damage to the structure,
- If you treat the edge of the nail, the nail file should move in the same direction
- A better version of the motion nail files from the edge of the nail to the center.
To add shine to your nails, use a polishing nail file (it has 4 surface for nail polish).
3 The next step - the removal of the cuticle.
To take first the means for removing the cuticle and apply it to the surface of the nail in the cuticle area. Leave this facility for about five minutes, in order to make it absorbed. This tool softens the nail plate to the cuticle area and prevents the further growth of the cuticle.
Now we need to make a bath for the hands. To do this, you can take a special tool to bath your hands and nails or ordinary liquid soaps and bath salts. Observe the proportions in the preparation of the pan: 1 cup warm water - 1 tbsp salt and 2-3 drops of liquid soap. Hold hands in the bath about 8-10 minutes and proceed to remove the cuticle. Prepare for this trimmer or pursher manicure.
Remove your hands from the bath and blot them with a towel or other soft cloth. Gently slide the cuticle up using the back of the purshera (rounded). Then remove the sharp end of the cuticle from the nail. In this case, do not force pursher, try not to damage or scratch the nail plate. Sometimes the cuticle can be very large and delete it immediately pursherom fails. In these cases it is possible to cut the cuticles with special scissors.
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This nail care is the most effective during a manicure at home.
4 deburring. If you have any burrs take pliers and gently remove. Attention! Do not pull the skin cutters, use them very carefully as to avoid forming sores on the skin.  
5 Processing and pads over the fingers. For this procedure, you need a ceramic nail file or pumice stone to help smooth the hardened corn pads on the palms and sides of the fingers.
6 The last step manicure at home - the application of creams and nail polish.
Take a moisturizing or nourishing hand cream and spread it over the surface of the hands. Give it to soak in a little bit. Then take a degreasing agent for nails and apply it to the nail plate. After that, choose your favorite nail polish and apply it on your nails.
That's it! Manicure at home is over.

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