Thursday, October 30, 2014


British scientists have conducted a series of studies in which proved that everything that enters our body, has a greater impact on our appearance than previously thought.
Healthy eating improves health, increases energy levels, saves the figure. However, scientists were concerned over how the food affects the skin, hair, teeth and made a number of important discoveries.

1. Clean skin
According to scientists, pumpkin seeds - excellent means of preventing acne. This conclusion agrees nutritionist Esther Blum, author of "Eat, drink and good." Pumpkin seeds contain zinc, which is known for its positive effect in the treatment of acne and pimples. At the conclusion of scientists who conducted the research for the "Journal of the American Academy of Dermatologists', namely the lack of zinc in the body leads to acne. Only 1-2 tablespoons peeled pumpkin seeds a day is enough to prevent and treat acne.
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2. Fresh face
According to Dr. Perricone, the presence in the diet of watercress will help give skin a radiant and healthy look. In watercress contains antioxidants, reduce inflammation, and iron, which give the skin a healthy look. Regular consumption of watercress also reduces the risk of damage to DNA.
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3. Dazzling Smile
Daily consumption of just one apple will allow you to visit the dentist less often. Apples can clean your teeth from stains left on the enamel tea, coffee and red wine, working better than the toothbrush.
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4. Shining eyes
For the prevention of eye diseases, scientists recommend eating spinach, which contains lutein. Spinach is also able to relieve fatigue and recover their natural proteins white. A day is enough to consume 1-2 cups spinach leaves.
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5. Luxury curls
To your curls looked excellent, include in your diet green beans. At the conclusion of scientists, green beans contains a record number of silicon. Studies have shown that regular intake of beans results in improved hair - they become thicker and healthier.
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6. hydrated skin
Recently, "British Journal of Nutrition" study was conducted in which scientists have shown that flax seeds excellent job with redness and peeling of the skin. They contain omega-3, which is responsible for moisturizing the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Flax seeds can be added to yogurt, cookie dough, or use one of the ingredients of the salad.
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7. Investing in the future
To look in 40 years as Halle Berry or Jennifer Aniston, scientists recommend eating kiwi. This fruit contains large amounts of vitamin C, which, on the conclusion of various studies, slows the aging process by stimulating the production of collagen.
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8. Strong nails
To give strength to nails, drink egg. Just a few eggs a week guarantee your nails fortress. In the eggs contained biotin, which is responsible for the strength of the nail.

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