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When selecting the stone must be considered in the value and protection of the planet to whom it is presented. Donated the stone should bring only good luck and prosperity to the man.
     All stones are divided into groups, each of which refers to a particular zodiac sign. And like any gift, any stone decoration is a hidden symbolic meaning. Depending on the sign of the zodiac each person protects your stone.
     So, for example, Aries - this amethyst and ordoniks, in Taurus - agate, and the twins - beryl and topaz. Cancers protects the emerald, and the Lions - ruby. Virgin prefer rhinestone and sapphire. Libra patronize diamonds, opals, tourmalines and beryls. Scorpio match topaz and bloodstone. Sagittarians love turquoise, Capricorns - onyx and chrysoprase. Aquarius is preferable to give a sapphire or obsidian, and Pisces - alexandrite or aquamarine.
     Do stones have a point - some of them can not be presented to single. These stones include alexandrite.
     Depending on the time of year to give advise to certain stones. So, in January preferable to give grenades, hyacinth or coil. Suitable for February amethyst. In March, give beryl, in April - a pinkish-purple amethyst. In May, as a gift presented agate, beryl suitable for June. In July, give emerald.
For the August gift suitable stones such as carnelian, onyx, alexandrite, moonstone, ruby, topaz, golden beryl. In September give jasper. In October - diamond. For the November gift of all stones preferable topaz. For December - turquoise.
     In accordance with the planets patrons stones are energetic manifestations following celestial bodies:
  • The sun appears in a stone as a carbuncle.
  • Moon protects diamonds.
  • Manifestation of Mercury in the world - carnelian.
  • Element of Venus appears in emerald.
  • Warlike Mars protects ruby.
  • Match Jupiter - sapphire.
  • The second "I" Saturn - obsidian.
     When choosing jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones are oriented primarily on the personal predilections of the person who designed gift. First of all is the color of the stone, which contributes to the development of certain qualities of the person.
     Loneliness and perfection emphasize decoration with white stones. These stones develop in a man of hard work and a sense of freedom.
Stones reds symbolize the energy, passion, movement. Such stones are presented as a gift to stimulate human energy, to strengthen the protective functions of the body. Holders of red stones can cause a person to be frank.
     Stones orange shade symbolize the beauty, elegance, artistry. Decoration of these stones develop in a person a sense of beauty.
Green stones symbolize the integrity of the individual. Holders of such stones are reasonable and patient.
     Blue stones are symbols of logical thinking. These stones contribute to the development of human qualities such as intuition and practicality.
     Stones purple - a symbol of mystery, magic, mysticism.
     Stones purple - a symbol of the will and thought.
     Stones brownish shades symbolize peace, security, stability.
     Black stones symbolize the beginning and the end.
Description stones
     Aventurine - yellow, green or cherry stone with metal inclusions. Aventurine is able to create a good mood, support good spirits and gives clarity of thought, pushing for action. As an amulet Aventurine protects from damage.
     Agate - Chalcedony, striped or translucent It comes in several colors: white and black, white and gray, sometimes pink or purple. This stone is recommended to wear philosophers, t. To. It helps the development of intelligence. He gives courage, calmness, promotes longevity. This stone should be worn by people with chronic cough or a toothache.
     Axinite - stone clove-brown, honey-yellow and less dark violet-blue color. Axinite able to compensate for the negative energy of its owner, transforming it into a positive.
People wearing  mascot of axinite  not get any women's diseases and illnesses. If you wear the stone as a brooch, it is possible to avoid mastitis. Just  mascot of axinite  useful to wear nursing mums, it is assumed that the  mascot  adds the amount of milk.
Relieve pain from head, earrings axinite nervous system comes to law and order and stabilize the nerves. Ring with axinite (worn on the ring finger of the left hand) eliminate infertility and frigidity.
In China, it is believed that  the mascot of axinite  neutralize aggression, and creates a perfect harmony in the home of a man having a mascot.
Tasmanian Aborigines believe that crystals axinite - tears of the moon. They collect stones and throw them into the ponds to dry the tears of the night lights. Jewellery with axinite put on bridal and mothers, because they believe that the "lunar tears" purify people from the effects of voluntary or involuntary transgressions.
Strongly suitable stone axinite signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Axinite also promotes creativity, develops imagination. The holder of such a stone has the potential to be a wonderful artist.Axinite relieves pain in the liver and helps to improve the condition of the body.
     Amazonite - bright green or blue-green opaque stone with little white patches. This stone gives energy, restores strength, promotes peace. Wearing this stone can be everything. It is perfectly affects the nervous system and a beneficial effect on the human psyche.
     Amblygonite - stone from almost colorless to pale pink, yellow and blue. Amblygonite is a stone of ascetics, t. To. Develops the ability to adapt to any conditions, have fun and take life as it is. Amblygonite treats disorders of the nervous system, helps with melancholy.
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     Amethyst - purple quartz. This stone is used in meditation. He is able to bring fame, fortune, wealth, its owner. Amethyst as an amulet can save you from alcoholism and drug addiction. It strengthens the vision, regulates digestion, protects against kidney disease. Purple amethyst good for philosophers and scientists. It promotes memorization and learning new information. Purple amethyst can be balanced only people t. K., He contributes to the development of adventure.
     Andalusite - stone from olive green to dark green in color. Andalusite protects its owner from disasters. In love relationships andalusite makes consistency and strengthens just love which originated. As for vrachevatelnyh properties, this stone normalizes metabolism, prevents fungal diseases.
     Andradite - garnet emerald green, pistachio or olive-green color. This is a female stone. The winner of the stone becomes more attractive, sensitive and dreamy. Andradite helps with diseases of the lungs and skin diseases.
     Apatite - stone transparent color with different shades: white, yellow, green, blue, purple. Apatite makes a person impulsive, energetic, but too jealous and too suspicious, so this little gem fits. Additionally, the apatite improves the operability and reduces depression.
     BELOMOR - stone green. This stone promotes contemplation and meditation. It can bring people out of sorrow, take away part of the negative energy, but at the same time, this stone can not process it, so it is dangerous to put after it was worn during the depression.
     Benitoite - stone sapphire-blue or purple. Benitoite absorbs the energy of the cosmos and gives it to the owner. This stone is recommended to wear those who have recently suffered a severe illness. Benitoite restores the immune system and improves digestion.
     Beryllonite - clear, colorless stone, sometimes with a slight yellowish tinge. It is a stone of strong people, it helps them to achieve the intended purpose and contributes to success in your personal life.
     Turquoise - blue stone. This stone brings wealth, prosperity, protects its owner. It helps in love and is feminine stone.The owner of Turquoise attracts glances of men. Most of turquoise jewelry are inherited through the female line.
This stone enhances intuition, makes a man ambitious, brave, prudent, shrewd. Turquoise advised to wear for those who suffer from insomnia and those who have nightmares. It stops bleeding and helps in childbirth.
     Brazillianit - stone with a green or yellow tint. It was found in Brazil, from which it gets its name. This stone is able to ward off evil spirits and change their color when the weather changes. Brazillianit protects its owner from thieves and robbers.
Nematomorpha - clear quartz with inclusions in the form of needles of other crystals. Nematomorpha called differently: Needle stone ezhiny stone hrizotriks, "Arrows of Cupid", "hair of Venus." Nematomorpha provide happiness in family life, so they are love charms.
     Vorobyevite - pink beryl. He contributes to the acquisition of friends, makes people more sociable and relaxed.
     Gagate - black jasper. Fossil coal from the group of brown coal. This stone give the person with whom a long leave. He is able to keep the memories and transfer them to the man. It helps with depression, protects against the evil eye and spoilage, treats gout and cramps, strengthens eyesight, relieves headache and toothache.
  Heliodor - Yellow Beryl. This stone is recommended to wear a half-hearted people. He adjusts his owner to positive emotions. As an amulet yellow beryl guards on long journeys.
     Geliolit or solar stone - a kind of feldspar with a golden sheen. As a talisman geliolit promotes imagination, intuition, adventurism, is pushing for the unexpected. As an amulet helps with nervous diseases, improves blood circulation.
     Heliotrope - chalcedony or jasper, dark green in color with red or yellow spots. This stone develops imagination. He makes a person energetic, active, and resolute. Rings and bracelets with heliotrope are charmers and magicians. It enhances the action of the word.
     Hyacinth - a zircon red-brown color. This stone is an accumulator of human energy. Person wearing this stone, sociable and active. Hyacinth should not be worn by people suffering from nervous disorders.
     Pomegranates - stones from dark red to yellowish. Pomegranates - mascots of all loving, so these stones are exchanged lovers. Just give them a proof of friendship. Pomegranates provide its owner with a good mood and cheerful thoughts.Grenades good save energy, but are charged only on strong deep feelings and passion, fast emotions do not affect them.
Pomegranates are advised to wear in inflammatory diseases and heat. They are believed to help with sore throats and headaches. Garnet red - in the presence of such qualities as honesty, kindness, the one who wears it, grenades charged and will work as a love talisman.
Green garnet - helps develop intuition and predict the future. This stone will serve as the only person passionate and sensual."Garnet" Garnet, or pyrope - gives power over people, but only to the person who has sincere human feelings, self-confident and is an authority. Pomegranate on hand such a man will shine and help in moments of weakness.
     Grossularite - a kind of garnet golden yellow, olive green, pink or reddish-brown color. Grossularite able to not just transfer the energy to its owner, but also gives him the gift of clairvoyance.
     Danburite - stone of dark yellow color with a vitreous luster. Their owners danburite gives a sense of responsibility and compassion. Man becomes a neat, executive, he has a lot of friends and acquaintances.
     Datolite - stone pale yellow or pale green. Datolite - Stone adventure lovers, gamblers and adventurers. It protects against misfortune, protects from bad people. Datolite are kidney diseases and disorders of the reproductive system.
     Jade - translucent stone of different colors: green, blue and gray. Jade concentrates the energy and helps to direct it in the right direction. But if a person is unbalanced, the stone may cause harm to the owner, so wear jade should people with a strong will.
     Carnelian - Chalcedony darker shades of red. It is similar in its magical properties with carnelian. His women are advised to wear, t. To. It helps in love. As an amulet he rescues from depression. Carnelian enhances vision.
Carbuncle - a blood-red variety of garnet. He is the mascot of pregnant women, as it provides a well-off childbirth and stops bleeding. This stone is able to ward off depression and banish "black thoughts".
     Cacholong - milky white opaque variety of opal. This stone is considered to be a funeral. It is not recommended to wear a nervous, restless people.
Ocellar quartz - variety of quartz, filled with acicular crystals of other minerals. There are several types of eye-quartz: cat's eye, a lion, a falcon, tiger. Bull, wolf and fish to Glazkovym quartz do not belong. As talismans any ocellar quartz develop foresight. They warn its owner of impending danger it by changing the color. Ocellar quartz crystals as amulets guard against the evil eye, and unrequited love. Rose Quartz - pink transparent stone. This stone gives vitality to the owner. He promotes sensuality, helps with recovery and restore the immune system.
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     Cat's Eye - gray with a shimmering glitter stone, translucent, sprouting olive green needles of rutile. This stone is very homey. It creates comfort in the house, is able to draw attention to its owner. Makes people more sociable. It helps to subjugate others, but only if at the same time with a noble purpose. As a talisman improves responsiveness and attentiveness. As an amulet protects against all kinds of dangers, keeps love and protects against cheating.
     Labrador - the black stone with the blue and blue glitter. It contains astral energy. Labrador develops in the human imagination. He is able to heal from depression. However, you can not wear it constantly labrador people nervous and short-tempered.
     Lapis - translucent stone bright blue or blue-purple with white flowers. This stone is preferred to wear the priests and philosophers. It helps finding the right path. Lapis is able to take on negative energy, clean it and give to man. Lapis treats various skin diseases, epilepsy and rheumatism.
Malachite - dark green patterned stone, water carbonate. Malachite grants wishes. Often his kids wear, as it is believed that it can protect your baby from illness and the evil eye. As an amulet it develops spiritual powers, it advised to wear those related to science. If a person has a lot of energy, but lacks decisiveness, the malachite can help. Malachite cures rheumatism, protects against plague and cholera.
     Boletus - a moss agate and semiprecious variety of serpentine dark green color with black spots. The flywheel - a stone that protects from reckless behavior and healing various nervous disorders.
     Jade - green, from apple-green to dark green, sometimes white or brown, translucent stone. Jade - perfect battery. It stores energy within it, which is then transmitted to the owner. Jade strengthens the vitality and cures kidney disease. It is believed that jade brings good luck in gambling.
     Obsidian - black, brown or brown stone. This stone helps to strong people. It allows them to achieve any goals and strengthens their health.
     Olivine - a kind of chrysolite. Olivine can provide a person good luck in all your endeavors. As an amulet olivine protects against fire and theft.
     Onyx - a translucent striped stone color - various shades of yellow, white, brown, sometimes pinkish-brown. Onyx is highly valued for its magical and medicinal properties. He gives its owner the ability to rule over others, clarifies the mind. It also enhances memory and protects against sudden death and of attempts on the life. He takes extra energy, calms and reconciles. But we must remember that the onyx stone is the home and carry it with them is not recommended, as this may be too quiet and slow.
     Opal - the stone of different colors from milky white to black, but with the same inner rosy glow. As a talisman opal determines success in all your endeavors, but only if the owner is not trying to cause anyone harm. In addition, the opal reveals the gift of prophecy. White Opal helps a person focus. This stone should be musicians and composers. Jasper Opal owner brings modesty and humility. Fire Opal protects against disasters. As an amulet opal calms the nerves, keeps melancholy and infection, helps to cure heart disease, impotence increases and improves vision.
     Rhodonite - Orlets - red or bright pink with black veins translucent stone. Orlets takes a rage and irritation of the owner, and converts them into a net energy returns to the owner. He is able to improve mood, relieve melancholy.
Sapphire is considered a very powerful amulet - it protects against envy and treachery, enhances memory, wakes thirst for knowledge, is the inspiration. For this he was called mascot wise. The ancient Germans believed that it helps to gain a victory, but only for those who have intentions are pure.
If you wear a ring or a bracelet with a sapphire on his left hand, he strengthens your health. This stone celestial clarity and purity gives prudence, discretion and sense of justice.
It is said that the owner of the sapphire becomes fearless.
     Selenite - fibrous gypsum. Stone golden color with a silky shimmer. It is believed that this stone lies the energy of the moon, so it is advised to wear people born during a full moon. Selenite helps all separated lovers, and also develops the gift of eloquence at his master. It enhances the emotion, develops intuition, love of hearth and home. Gives daydreaming, softness, tenderness.
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     Carnelian - transparent stone, red, reddish-brown, greenish or white in color, has a characteristic banded structure.Carnelian has a remarkable feature: it reacts immediately to the owner's mood, increasing transparency, and gaining a more pronounced "banding". Carnelian promotes the development of the human imagination, protects against ill, gives courage. The therapeutic properties of this stone are widely known. It helps in the treatment of stomach disorders, fever, stops bleeding, relieves toothache, gives a fresh skin, improves skin tone and gets rid of nervousness.
     Hawkeye, or rhodusite - black, sometimes with green and brown spots, having a characteristic luster. Rhodusite use wizards, t. To. It allows them to look into the more subtle realms. Black falcon eye soothing and helps dispersal. Spotted Hawkeye brings success to its owner, even in the most risky situations. It protects it and helps make a career.
     Tiger Eye - a stone of different shades of orange and brown, translucent gloss. Tiger Eye - perfect guardian of energy.This stone can collect energy and transfer it to the owner, so the tiger's eye can instantly restore the lack of energy, every bit of it without suffering. As an amulet protects them from competition and jealousy.
     Tourmaline - a stone of pink, red, blue, green. Sometimes it can be multicolored. Tourmaline - a strong conductor of energy, but it can not be worn at all times, as it can disrupt the energy balance of a person. Black Tourmaline - schorl - opens the gift of foresight. This stone witches. Green tourmaline - verdelite - capable of concentrating the energy of He accelerates thinking. Pink tourmaline - rubellite - helps unhappy lovers. Raspberry tourmaline - the mascot of artists.
     Fluorite - fluorspar - translucent stone with a shimmering brilliance. Can be any color of the spectrum. It contributes to the development of intuition. The holder of such a stone can predict the future. Fluorite helps headache, stops the blood, sometimes it is used to disinfect wounds.
Chalcedony - translucent, heterogeneous stone in different colors: white, gray, purple, pink, red, green. Chalcedony is the basis for many minerals. This stone - an all-female, as filled with creative energy. His energetic depends on the brightness.The larger it is, the stronger the stone in its magical properties. This takes into account, and transparency of the stone.Muddy stone is not suitable to be worn, it will not bring anything good to the owner. Completely white chalcedony recommend avoiding. This is the strongest stone, but at the same time his power is subject to many.
     Chrysoberyl - a stone of dark green color, called "cat's eye". He was considered an amulet of all gamblers. Chrysoberyl helps with sore throat, colds and asthma.

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