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venturine (Italiano. Avventura - Adventure). Under this name is known for fine-grained quartz brown, gray, yellow, red, green and blue with a golden sparkling shimmer. Sparkling asterisks brown Aventurine due to the inclusion of small flakes of hematite, goethite, or biotite. A shimmering sheen greenish Aventurine is due to inclusions or fuksita zhilbertita.
In the compounds of quartz and mica flakes are that sparkle in the sun and play, bewitching with its brilliance. Any color is due aventurine inclusions of impurities, so if you are fond of this stone, you can make a choice of colors - yellow, brown, green, red, cherry red, blue and even black. Dark blue aventurine is called - "The Night of Cairo" because it really looks like a dark blue southern sky, studded with stars.
Jewellery made of stone Aventurine

Field aventurine known in Brazil, India, USA, Spain, Austria, Australia, Chile, in the Urals (between Chrysostom and Miass), as well as in the Altai.
Jewellery made of stone Aventurine
Story stone aventurine glass and Goldstone
The title story is a stone - in ancient Egypt was known method of making an amazing glass with sparkling inside asterisks. Then the secret of this method has been lost, and only in the XVI century glassmakers in Murano, in the town near Venice, created amazingly beautiful glass. Apparently accidentally hitting the molten glass, copper filings have played twinkling asterisks.
Jewellery made of stone Aventurine
Jewellery made of stone Aventurine
And in the beginning of the XVIII century, a name of the stone, it is very similar to a sparkling shine with glass - Aventurine (Italiano. Avventura - Adventure). Yes, and the glass has since become known as Goldstone. There are several technologies for the production of sparkling glass, one of which was developed in St. Petersburg Institute of Technology in the late XIX century.Goldstone glass may also be of different colors - blue with addition of cobalt oxides, green chromium oxides with the addition of red-brown with the addition of copper or iron oxides.
But as for the stone itself, then as has been said, the color and texture of aventurine inclusions depends on the composition of various impurities, as well as the grain size and uniformity of their distribution. Therefore have a uniform green color and are more durable, yellow - the strongest sparkling, golden cherry - bright colors and intense shimmer, etc.
Jewellery made of stone Aventurine
How to clean jewelry with aventurine
Clean jewelry made from this material will not be difficult. Aventurine tolerates soapy water and a soft brush, in this case, too, will be a good helper. Jewelry can simply rinse under running water. After such a bathing Aventurine loves to soak up the sun, "nourished" by solar energy.
Jewellery made of stone Aventurine
Astrology, magic and medicine
Astrologers believe Aventurine one of the most powerful stones for their energy and recommend its products to wear those born under the signs of the zodiac: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo. Aventurine supportive to people born under the signs of Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. But union aventurine with zodiac signs - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius astrologers do not recommend.
Aventurine has long been used for the treatment. Oriental doctors offered it for therapeutic massage, assured that he has a positive effect on the heart, eyes, calms the nervous system, as well as having a positive effect on the hair, which are thick and strong.
Jewellery made of stone Aventurine
What other properties endowed Aventurine ancient physicians? According to them, uplifting stone, sharpens emotions, sensuality, so it can be a source of inspiration for creative people. But what is valuable to one another is not suitable. For example, those who direct some responsible chores, a stone was assistant vice versa distract from the cases.
Aventurine loves not only the sun, but also the light of the moon, so, at least, say astrologers, especially blue aventurine, reminiscent of the night star sky. Even the ancient physicians claimed that Aventurine responds to changing phases of the moon, and if you leave it at night by the light of the moon (on the windowsill), the stone "recharge" and its healing properties increase.
If you trust the ancient astrologers, physicians, hurry to buy ornaments made of aventurine. And if you are confident in their own abilities, and still buy - it is extraordinarily beautiful and very inexpensive.
China has been a popular aventurine stone. Here green aventurine considered sacred, "imperial stone." From it carved print of the emperor himself.
Aventurine is easily polished in its ornaments are cut in cabochons. In Russia, aventurine produced not only jewelry - rings, brooches, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, but also vases, candle holders, handles for knives and forks manicure tools. The Hermitage vases and tables from the Ural aventurine. Here on display vase aventurine height 146 cm width 246 cm bowl, and in the Pavlovsk Palace kept a copy of the same material, but the height is 125 cm.
Jewellery made of stone Aventurine
Vase of aventurine in the Hermitage
In the Geological Museum in London has a vase, presented to Nicholas II, she, too, is made of aventurine. Of this beautiful stone and are currently doing necklaces, brooches, bracelets, pendants and other jewelry, as well as vases, boxes, tabletops.
Aventurine exquisite looks in jewelry, he inspires and delights, filled with a sense of joy and suitable for women of all ages.
Jewellery made of stone Aventurine

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