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Pearl thought 
Pearls never go out of fashion 2 (400x532, 87Kb)for a long time being a classic. In the form of jewelry fashionista its use is not the first season - to create their images. Connoisseurs of fashion say that every self-respecting woman, in addition to the little black dress - and should get a couple-three articles of pearls. At least a small necklace under the neck and small earrings pusets. Sure this was and Coco Chanel. It was she who once threw a careless phrase: "Pearl is always right." And this fantastic woman know what to say! Coco was sure - this natural stone is appropriate everywhere. Many people mistakenly believe that pearls ages that pearl jewelry - the prerogative of older women is another misconception - that it can be worn only for evening dress, in everyday life it is completely inappropriate. begins to fight stereotypes. We are looking for interesting combinations that can be used in everyday look-ah, and for festive images. Today, pearls are very popular, including the very young girls; You can wear it not only with the dress, but even with the clothes in the style of casual, including and business-casual. In the collections of many couturiers he dominated not only as an accessory, but also as decoration of clothing.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
94 (400x298, 99Kb)

89 (393x400, 95Kb)

il_570xN.340390958 (570x428, 196Kb)

140716145435 (520x675, 291Kb)

140716145436 (540x558, 280Kb)

RєRѕSЂSЃRμS, (400x268, 188Kb)

77fe5ae6f1c2ce2616ab067befd31101 (500x333, 129Kb)

SЃSѓRјRѕS ‡ RєR ° (320x480, 184Kb)

lookbook-zara-agosto-2012-1 (560x700, 286Kb)

9 (1) (466x700, 315Kb)

140716145435 (1) (511x700, 428Kb)

Zhemchug_Deniliz_platia_optom_4.1450x1450 (700x466, 252Kb) 

Perhaps needless to remind that the pearls have long been considered a symbol of purity and innocence, and therefore - blends perfectly with the wedding dress. Why should only the "Roman" collection of wedding dresses from the well-known Israeli brand Inbal Dror - the embodiment of femininity and style (I especially like the dark dress with pearls - unusually refined):

1. 2. 3. 4.
12-Inbal Dror 2012 (640x412, 94Kb)

561852_10150676553966611_7970126610_9804208_883603197_n (700x410, 105Kb)

049wyi-l (402x700, 242Kb)

zb9ika-l (551x700, 320Kb)

Try to figure out what to wear pearls, where and how - to bring even the most usual way "in Kings." 1. Pearls + blouse.Times when pearl strands worn exclusively on secular receptions are long gone. Now products from this natural stone migrated to casual. It is worth noting that the pearls are both on bare skin and over clothing. Blouse of fine silk, chiffon, satin and finest lace look great with both single beads, and with multi-row.

1. 2. 3. 4.
busy.mjpg (492x324, 116Kb)

pearls + blouse (525x700, 494Kb)

pearl + bluzka1 (450x675, 378Kb)

busy.vjpg.cjpg (500x360, 197Kb)

2 Pearl + shirt. 
Insanely fun and versatile option. Shirts in these look-ah use a variety, from classic white to checkered in country style. Note - beads of pearls can be worn directly on the body, and on top of the shirt:

1. 2. 4. 5. 6.
R¶RμRј C ‡ SѓRі RїRѕRІSЃRμRґRЅ.cvjpg (400x624, 197Kb)

P ‡ RμRјS SѓRі + SЂSѓR ± R ° C € RєR °.  (450x450, 102Kb)

P ‡ RμRјS SѓRі + SЂSѓR ± R ° C € RєR °.  1 (700x560, 317Kb)

P ‡ RμRјS SѓRі + SЂSѓR ± R ° C € RєR °.  2 (331x600, 195Kb)

P ‡ RμRјS SѓRі1111 (640x640, 308Kb)

In addition to monochrome, plaid and polka shirt, with which you are wearing a necklace of pearls, can be denim:

l; byc (466x700, 261Kb) 

3 Pearls + jacket
Of course, stylish and very elegant:

114037_42759nothumb500 (400x600, 206Kb)

4 Pearl + dress
Wearing a string of pearls to the black little dress bequeathed all women with good taste has great Coco Chanel. Long strings look good with both high and with a round collar, the average length advantageously combined with collar oval, round, V-neck and short beads - with the neck of almost any type. One of the most common options:

1. 2. 3. 4.
R¶RμRјS ‡ SѓRі + RїR "P ° S,SЊRμ (465x700, 204Kb)

P ± SѓSЃS <(495x700, 208Kb)

pearl-bridal4 (600x400, 207Kb)

R¶RμRјS ‡ SѓRі + RїR "P ° S,SЊRμ.1jpg (526x700, 307Kb)

5 Pearls + sweater.

yalFkV (466x700, 296Kb)

fur-faux-real-5-ways-im-wearing-it-L-RMhKIp (400x601, 201Kb)

to · ë ... ЂlЉ "_mќґl" ¤l <¤ (465x700, 334Kb)

P ‡ RμRјS SѓRі + SЃRІRёS,RμSЂ3 (400x600, 166Kb) 

In fact, in the everyday version of a string of beads are not only with a sweater in the classic sense of the word, but also with a turtleneck, sweaters, pullovers, cardigans and other warm items. Relevant different options - from short vans under the neck to long filaments in several rows. Thing to remember is that a large pearl is perfectly combined with bulky items, a smaller "caliber" is better to combine with something simpler.

1. 2. 3. 4.
busy-iz-zhemchuga-kak-nosit-400x624 (400x624, 202Kb)

P ‡ RμRјS SѓR¶RЅS <grau RґRμRєRѕSЂ.  R'SЂRμRЅRґ Chanel (521x700, 275Kb)

kak-pravilno-nosit-zhemchug-3-400x578 (400x578, 128Kb)

SЃS,RѕRёS, RєRѕRјR RёRЅRёSЂRѕRІR ° ± ‡ S,SЊ R¶RμRјS SѓRі SЃ casual-RѕRґRμR¶RґRѕR№ (RґR¶RёRЅSЃS <C "SѓS,R ± RѕR" RєR °, P ± P ° P "RμS,RєRё, RєR SЂRґRёRіR ° ° ° PS of bkb RїRёRґR¶R Rє) (468x700, 286Kb) 

Not to look in the daytime too hard, wear your black dress - cardigan in fuchsia or any other, you have a loved one. Beads of pearls, black pumps with a heel - and stylish business look ready!

P ‡ RμRјS SѓRі2111 (488x600, 100Kb)
P ‡ RμRјS SѓRі211 (295x700, 169Kb) 

6 Pearls on the back.
Another way to wear pearls: to shift the emphasis in the image on the back. Suitable such an option in the first place for clothes with an open back, but with closed dress looks stunning. Of course, not every day, but only on celebrations or special events should go in such a manner. This image is very stylish, from the category of "timeless classics", starting with an unforgettable and unrivaled stars of the past - such as the inimitable Audrey:

odri-hepbern-retro-ochki-ozherele-zhemchug-Favim.ru-113133 (530x402, 99Kb)
odri-hepbern-retro-ochki-ozherele-zhemchug-Favim.ru-13133 (500x632, 143Kb)
R¶RμRјS ‡ SѓRі RЅR ° SЃRїRёRЅRμ3 (500x581, 436Kb)
R¶RμRјS ‡ SѓRі RЅR ° SЃRїRёRЅRμ (466x530, 267Kb) 

7 Pearls on top of clothing.
practice this option is not very often, but it looks incredibly stylish, is not it?

P ‡ RμRјS SѓRі RЅR ° RІRμSЂS ... RЅRμR№ RѕRґRμR¶RґRμ.  (452x640, 227Kb)

Much more common pearl inlay outerwear than beads in the classic version:

G G ° ° ft € RёS,R SЏ R¶RμRјS ‡ SѓR¶RЅS <RјRё ° F ± SѓSЃRёRЅR RјRё RІRμSЂS ... RЅSЏSЏ RѕRґRμR¶RґR ° .1jpg (488x650, 181Kb)
G G ° ° ft € RёS,R SЏ R¶RμRјS ‡ SѓR¶RЅS <RјRё ° F ± SѓSЃRёRЅR RјRё RІRμSЂS ... RЅSЏSЏ RѕRґRμR¶RґR ° (320x480, 203Kb)

• If clothing is color contrasts, the number of pearls can be increased; 
• to create a modern youth image, you should choose creative pearl jewelry irregular shape or natural-artificial, diluted with other stones and chains of different metal beads. In the past, merchants from Holland called such pearls of "baroque".

P ± P ° SЂRѕRєRєRѕ (700x700, 295Kb) 

• long strands of pearls in the original combined with fine fabrics, silks and satins, but are perfectly combined with light and flowing materials; 
• wear one thin strand of pearls - mauvais ton, looks bednovato this option and in most cases, bored. Multiple threads look much more advantageous:

1,221 (561x700, 345Kb)
file4351339962161 (466x700, 318Kb) 

• to create an image is recommended to take one or two articles of pearls, and more - is overkill; 
• for status of the image is most suitable large round pearl white or cream color:

DSC_0492 (700x490, 335Kb)

1 If we talk about the everyday image, it is not recommended that you wear pearls with clothes beige, sand color. And if we consider the luxuriant evening dress, it may well be a shade of beige and pearl give it chic. 2. Pearls with bright clothing can be combined, but under strict prohibition are red, yellow and purple. 3. As you probably understood from the above, your dress should not be sparkles, crystals. 4. You should not wear colorful clothes with pearls. 5. Stylists say that pearls can easily combine even with shorts. But we should not blindly follow all these words: this is a daring combination of the podium with a complete lack of taste borders. Try to choose a classic clothing sets pearls. If pearls - noble, let him your whole image as a whole says about it. 6. Pearl does not happen much? This phrase is often used, some people who want to wear on a lot of pearl jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings) at the same time. Note that all the same, we should not exaggerate. All should be the measure.

Famous designers have introduced pearl products in their collections as decor clothes and stylish accessories. Explosion of interest in pearls began with FASHION-WEEK Chanel-2014 with Karl Lagerfeld collection: there were two mind-blowing moment of new images and a constant pearls. And if the last collection a lasting impression produced placer pearls entwined in an incredibly beautiful necklaces and bracelets, but this time the focus is only one or two gems, but incredibly large.Accessories from this brand is very difficult not to notice: the massive beads decorated on catwalk models neck, arms and waist. Multi-row beads, large rings and large bracelets, necklaces under your neck with huge pearls and even waist-thread steel excellent addition to no less interesting clothes from Chanel

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
P> P ° RіRμSЂS "RμR" SЊRґ Röhr ° RЅRμR "SЊjpg (540x700, 477Kb)

P> P ° RіRμSЂS "RμR" SЊRґ.jRјpg (542x700, 366Kb)

P> P ° RіRμSЂS "RμR" SЊRґ1-1 (466x700, 352Kb)

P> P ° RіRμSЂS "RμR" SЊRґ1 (690x520, 279Kb)

P> P ° RЅRμSЂS "RμR" SЊRґ (690x520, 464Kb)

P> P ° RіRμSЂS "RμR" SЊRґ 0 (466x700, 291Kb)

P> P ° RіRμSЂS "RμR" SЊRґ 0 0 (466x700, 291Kb)

P> P ° RіRμSЂS "RμR" SЊRґ2 (690x520, 409Kb)

P> P ° RіRμSЂS "RμR" SЊRґ (690x520, 377Kb)

P> P ° RЅRμSЂS "RμR" SЊRґ.3jpg (466x700, 175Kb)

Interesting is a variant of Nicole Miller : combining traditional pearls with colored beads. It turned out over-year fresh and playful.

1. 2. 3.
Nicole Miller (466x700, 376Kb)

nicolemiller1 (467x700, 415Kb)

nicolemiller (467x700, 409Kb)

Oscar de la Renta
Wear nacreous pearls brand offers along with dresses as multirow threads. In addition, interesting iridescent beads in different colors and as decoration (such as clothes and shoes).

1. 2. 3.
Oscar de la Renta2 (466x700, 288Kb)

Oscar de la Renta (467x700, 259Kb)

Oscar de la Renta1 (465x700, 244Kb)

collection of clothes from "DSquared" perfectly complement the short-pearl beads and large massive. Looks interesting and chocolate-coffee pearls. Stylists say that such products are particularly well suited woman and those girls who have brown eyes. And, of course, all lovers of brown caramel and coffee shades.

Dsquared (467x700, 343Kb) 

Wear pearls, make your image a stylish and unique, and most importantly - a girl. All ladies of the world, eager to express their individuality through clothing, clothed in a riot of colors each year from leading designers clothing. And at the same time, do not forget about the pearls. Without in any way ...

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