Sunday, November 16, 2014


Each woman making manicure, wondering how does cover the nails with varnish. And often, it becomes not so simple as it might seem at first glance. When choosing the color of lacquer, you should consider the length of the nails, the basic colors in the wardrobe of a woman, and even makeup. That is why many women are choosing from a large range of nail polish, think about the color of their clothes to fit, or at least to any part of the wardrobe. Almost with clothes any color and style are well combined varnishes light neutral tones. These lacquers are beige, pearl, coffee with milk and a classic French manicure. In the same in this group include and clearcoat. Also perfect to use pink nail polish, especially for spring-summer outfits and dresses with floral print. But it is important to remember that the pink polish is not suitable for clothing simple, classic style. But the red color is perfect woman confident, emphasizing her bitchiness and strong character. This color is considered active and aggressive. With red lacquer good will combine orders in black and white, gray, brown, or if red lacquer will overlap with the accessories of the same color. If you like dark colors such as black, plum or asphalt, and if they are combined with clothes that you intend to wear, then you can safely paint your nails in these colors, because they are no longer considered to be vulgar, but rather point to a refined taste. Another tip that will help you in choosing the color of the varnish - a combination with which it -or accessories, or items of clothing. Here the choice of color can be limitless, from bright pink to earthy brown. It all depends on your imagination and willingness to experiment.

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