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Coined the spoon. Master Class
Spoons made ​​with embossing are the perfect addition to your holiday table. Ideal for an elegant, rustic wedding, you can use them as favors or labels with numbers - the options are endless. 
Visit the local shops during sales, flea markets in search of spoons and make sure that they are not made ​​of stainless steel - look at the handle - they too shiny and they are very difficult to mint. Select the fixtures that are made ​​of silver (you can find the silver, because it tarnishes).
You will need: 
Safety glasses 
Block clamp 
metal dies (here used letters measuring about 6.4 mm, and it is not necessary to use smaller letters) 
fine sandpaper 
Most importantly - a spoon or fork should be silver. As a rule, on the reverse side of the handle stands trial "900" or "925".
Take measurements: just wrap the paper strip and finger mark.
Cut off from the desired length of the handle and the handle section of the sandpaper.
Now - The Basics: fold. For this purpose it is necessary to make the metal softer. Those who engage in it professionally, use a small gas burner, like this:
It costs 150 rubles, and, according to the manufacturer, "is able to satisfy any your tasks on melting, cutting, brazing and heating of various materials, such as an open fire, and with the use of soldering tips.
If you decide on this "feat" one time, you can gradually wrap around the handle of a cylinder, while softening it with a hammer. In this case, between the hammer and the handle is worth to lay the cloth, such as a folded dishcloth.
When your ring is ready, you can polish it to a shine:
The first step to using a set of stamps inflict inscriptions:
Here is the fork with the words:

After the labels are moving to this hard work, we will bend the plug. To do this, take a piece of pipe with a diameter of 2 inches (as it is known, the pipe diameter is measured in inches, for reference diameter = 5.08 cm), hold it in a vise and use pliers to try to make our plug shape of the ring:
I hope you noticed that between the pliers and vidkoy laid the cloth to leave no trace on the plug.
Our napkin rings are almost ready. It's time to decorate:
As you know, we will honor the decor marker Sharpie, "Permanent waterproof thin marker Sharpie Fine writes on all surfaces, including glass, metal, photos, foil and most plastics."
Information  here .
To put the finishing touches, prepare a cotton swab and a little acetone. Draw and label the places on the handles that you want to emphasize. Wait a minute, then remove unnecessary lines pad soaked in acetone. Now the job is finished!
If you want to see the photos in large size, it is necessary to look at  the source .
Similarly, the "manual" way to make these hooks:
But the "non-traditional" use - Santa Claus from spoons and forks:

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