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Diamond The ultimate Gem

Diamond is the hardest known material found on the planet. Apart from having ornamental value, diamond also guarantees strength, energy, beauty, happiness, longevity and a continuous sense of belonging.

When should diamond be worn

Diamond should be worn only when your horoscope shows a weak Shukra (your friendly planet), or when you face one or more of these following problems related to your mind and body.

Effects of weak Sukra / Venus on your personal life

* Being the indicator of love (Karaka) there may be repeated failures in your love life.
* Venus is the Karaka for beauty and charm, a weak Venus or Sukra will spoil your charm and personality.
* Karaka also signifies vehicles and a weak Sukra means heavy loses in matters pertaining to vehicles either through theft or accidents.
* Persons involved in the entertainment business will face repeated failures.

Effects of weak Sukra / Venus on your body

* In case of men, Sukra denotes sperms and a weaker nature can lead to low sperm count and thus affect reproductive system.
* The weakness of this planet will cause, lack of beauty, charm and grace, lack of taste or refinement, insensitivity and lack of love and affection. You may sometimes be offensive, crude and vulgar. For women a weak Sukra means low feminine qualities.

Specific details about the diamond to be worn

* It should at least be 1 carat in size
* It should be set in gold or white gold.
* It should be worn on the middle finger of the left or right hand.

Other unique features of diamond

* Diamond is the hardest substance known to man.
* It has the value of 10 on MOH's scale while Talc has 1.
* One of the main things that give diamonds such beauty is it's fabulous fire and sparkle. The quality of the gem's lustre termed adamantine is unique to diamond.

Other unique features of diamond

* It has a specific gravity of 3.52
* It has a refractive index of 2.42.

These guidelines can help you in selecting and testing a diamond for its originality. Substitutes are clear zircon (at least three carats) or quartz crystal. The latter is better used as pendants (at least five carats in size, preferably ten), or in strands.

Wearing your diamond for the first time
Wearing your lucky gemstone for the first time holds some significance. It is not advisable to wear your stone abruptly without paying due respect to it. You need to follow some strict norms if you want your stone to bring in maximum luck and good fortune.

Diamond should be worn first on a Friday during the 1st hour from sunrise, when the Moon is in Shukla Paksha or waxing, and Venus or Sukra occupies its house of exaltation, Meena or is in Vrishabha or Thula or in friendly signs, and not conjunct or strongly expected by malefic.

Wear it at the most auspicious time that has to be worked out as per your horoscope. Never choose the dates from a general panchang or almanac for that might not suit you. The dates referred in a panchang are based on broad perspective and may not match with your horoscope. To collect more details you can consult your astrologer.

Give life to your diamond

Any expensive gem is a piece of worthless coloured stone if it is not revered with respect and worn after performing certain rituals. Wearing a gem without proper mantras and poojas may not yield good results and serve the purpose. Follow the process honestly and avail all the benefits this mysterious stone has to offer.

* First wash your gem in rose water.
* Keep it immersed in milk for one hour during the first hour from sunrise starting from one Friday to the next Friday.
* Keep it in rose water until the chosen date.

On the chosen auspicious date invoke the blessings of Lord Vinayaka (Ganesh) and start off with recitation of his 108 names.

Mantra are associated with your planet Venue or Sukra and reciting them opens your way to Lord Sukra or Venus, who wears diamond on his crown.

Concentrate on form of Venus or any form of Venus you are familiar with and devoted to during recitation.

Recite the following mantra 108 times to acquire utmost advantage from your gem.




This mantra should be recited every Friday during the first hour from Sunrise for 6 continuous Fridays. Lima beans indicate your planet so offer this seed in your pooja.

If you find all these steps confusing leave it to a qualified purohit.

Composition of diamonds

To most people, this is the finest gemstone of them all - and we have been amazed by its properties and beauties since earliest times. For its unsurpassed hardness - diamond is right at the apex of Moh's Scale - the Greeks gave the name adamas to this mineral, which means 'hard' and 'untamable'.


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