Friday, September 12, 2014


In the modern world of art can take any, even the most sophisticated forms. The object of art can become a regular ordinary object such as a can of soda from under the mountain of garbage, or however it is, in my opinion, a tribute to the notorious fashion, nothing more. Another thing - the clothes.

chanel 1

Our ancestors (as, in general, and to us) like to show imagination and decorate themselves: gold, stones, beads, embroidery ... So at all times valued master tailors, able to create not only qualitative, but also a beautiful suit that can effectively impress the audience, especially if its host is you :) For me, such a master - Maestro - was not just anybody, and the Karl Lagerfeld - the greatest couturier Chanel, the legend of French fashion trends. Each collection Karl - an interesting story, every piece - a work art! The most important thing in his works - the details. This weave handmade with accessories, to help create an amazing, magical way ... That's a collection of "Paris-Bombay 2011-2012" was no exception. Inspired by the elusive charm of the East, its untold wealth, enchanting story of a beautiful and cunning woman who can do magic at a glance, the maestro has created an easy, sophisticated collection. Delicate halftones, rich finish, a lot of nuances - as usual, and every time a new way! Silhouettes emphasized fragile, translucent, wrapped in a veil of gold glitter and iridescence stones and beads - it seems that the models do not go, and float above the podium, mysterious, as if knowing a thousand and one tantalizing tale about the wonders of the East ... Proshlogodyaya collection "Paris-Edinburgh" is devoted to Scotland during Mary Queen of Scots. Podium for the show was chosen Castle Linlithgow, located 20 miles from Edinburgh, where seven centuries ago, Mary Stuart was born. At first glance it is a mixture of immiscible drawings: masterpieces on tweed plaid bows, luxury hats are directly related to the Scottish nobility. Mary Stuart - the woman who not only brought this French fashion, but it was able to introduce and popularize, to be part of history. New collection "Paris-Dallas 2014-2015" also did not pass me by. In the models there mad hype around the story of the wild west, where each person can survive in conditions of building a new state. Details of costumes - a bright designer finds, you can read the desire to show the world about the birth of the new principles of freedom through slavery, tyranny and democracy through law through crime. Karl Lagerfeld has certainly opened the topic occurrence western aspirations to new ideals. I think that this collection has already gained popularity among many fans. All my work - it's not only the music weave variations, but the inspiration and trends. Karl Lagerfeld c easily added my images of historical component, without which my music would not be him. Everyone has their life teacher. Even if you've never seen it live, it is still by their creation, provide for you a lasting impression. If my favorite singer was Whitney Houston, the fashion designer who I admire it - Karl Lagerfeld. Thank you, Mr. Lagerfeld for the miracles that you create!




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