Friday, September 12, 2014


We've learned that the Model, which we see on the covers of glossy magazines, look loschёnnymi, with manicured faces and perfect figures. But should not there be a place in the fashion world and the flashes of cameras for the girl, whose appearance differs radically from the accepted canons, but has an incredible energy, charisma and inner beauty? After all these words, photographers, musicians and all who come into contact with this girl, describe model Melanie Gaydos, having almost the most unique and unusual appearance of all models.
Very unusual. a little weird, but still charming Melanie Gaydos - a model of German descent living in the United States (New York, Brooklyn). Age: 24 year Height: 160cm Weight: 42 kg breast: 2razmer Waist: 60cm Hips: 78cmClothes: 0Lot Eye Color : Brown about his unusual appearance, Melanie does not provide any comments. Rumor has it that her mother had problems during pregnancy and childbirth ... But it's just a rumor!

Many people do not mince words, seeing Melanie, but those who spoke with her in person, in unison say that this girl is kind and beautiful soul. Melanie Gaydos - 25-year-old model from New York, who suffers from a rare genetic disorder called ectodermal dysplasia. This disease affects the development of skin, hair and nails, and sometimes on bone formation.
Ectodermal dysplasia affects everyone differently, but Gaydos has a relatively severe form, which condemned her to the frightened glances and unflattering about her appearance.
But despite its appearance, Gaydos not only live a normal life, but also has got friends in the face of well-known photographers, filmmakers and musicians.
World aka Melanie received after starred in the video Rammstein - Mein Herz brennt. Friends at Gaydos not so much because of her appearance, but still because of its nature. And her friend says director Jim Jarmusch - Melanie clean and beautiful soul.

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