Thursday, September 11, 2014


Lucy Abram

E e Lucy Abram's name. She lives in the city of Pilsen, Czech Republic.
In the first of beads Lucy learned in 10 years, but at this time she chose to draw, sing, play music.
N o, in 2008, when Lucy was studying at the University of West Bohemia, it took her black necklace in the Gothic style for performances with his rock band. Lucy remembered that the house she had a box of beads! On the same day she found her and did what she wanted. Soon she created a few bracelets and necklaces.
B Iser fill every spare moment of her life. Lucy learned the basic techniques beads - peyote, herringbone and brick stitch, and then she tried to braid cabochons, and finally, she met with beading. Today, she uses a lot of techniques to work with beads, but she still considers herself a beginner, because it constantly learns something new all the time learning.
In 2012, Lucy graduated from university and became the master of anthropology, but jewelry design began her work, allowing her to earn money for life.
N The process of creating jewelry is different depending on the circumstances. If there is a decorating idea, then Lucy draws it. On another occasion, she creates a work from scratch, without any sketches, and does not know in advance what will be the result. These two approaches have the right to exist, and it is used or a combination of both.

My motto is: Seed - the most amazing stuff, because you can create whatever you want, it just depends on your imagination.

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