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"This is a ring with an emerald you wear all the time, sweetheart, because emerald - a favorite stone of Solomon, king of Israel. He is green, clean, cheerful and gentle as spring grass, and when you look at it for a long time, then brightens the heart; if you look at it in the morning, the whole day will be easy. You hang over the bed at night I emerald, my fair one, let him drives away from you bad dreams, comforting heartbeat and removes black thoughts! " 
Solomon sang the brightest and favorite flower in your garden - a young Shulamith.
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Beryl and Emerald were already known to Pliny and Theophrastus; it is valued very highly by ancient, and, according to Herodotus, the ring of Polycrates was decorated with emerald. The ancient Greeks very valued emeralds and Egyptians decorated their mummies. Ancient Egyptians called the emerald "stone goddess Isis" and attributed to him the ability to turn dreams into reality, read minds, see the past and anticipate the future.
There is a legend that Emperor Nero was emerald, which he used as a monocle, he watched gladiator battles ...
The ancient name of emerald - emerald (from Lat. smaragdus Gk. smaragdos - «green stone") is derived from the Sanskrit name of the stone (mention of it occurs even in the ancient Indian epic "Mahabharata") - zamortod (Marcato, tarkish), which eventually became in Greek "smaragdos" and then in the Latin "smapagdyc."
"Lightbringer king green" - the name back in the old days emerald received for his pure radiance.
In Georgia, emerald called zmuri, which means "mirror". According to ancient beliefs, this stone, as if in a mirror, reflecting all the mysteries of the present and future.
Emerald was considered a sacred stone since the time of the Incas and Aztecs in South America, where he now find the best emeralds. The Spanish conquerors, the spoilers in the XVI century. South America, found there the emeralds. The indigenous population of the valley in Peru Mantra store huge emerald, awe inspiring to all who were privileged to see him. According to legend, he was an ostrich egg and bore the name of the goddess Esmeralda. People worshiped during religious celebrations and brought his "goddess" as a gift small emeralds - "daughters" of the goddess. During the Spanish conquest of Peru Army defeated the Temple of the Sun, there are many stolen emeralds, but they have not found a temple Esmeralda. To save his goddess from conquistadors, so priests hid the object of his worship, that on this day, Esmeralda and its temple were found.
Based on ancient Egyptian papyrus, emerald known to man is not less than 6.5 millennia. He repeatedly mentioned in the Scriptures, in particular, is one of the biblical stones on the high priest's chasuble and Aaron is in the fourth basis of the Heavenly Jerusalem. 
Emerald is very good only noble, pure and spiritually perfect man, evil and deceitful brings only misery.He does not tolerate untidiness in the behavior of its host, actively fighting with his duplicity and laziness, perversity and lack of principle and even bursts in meeting criminal desires. Apparently, so it was prescribed to adolescents in order to protect their chastity. He is credited with the origin of the rainbow and more doctors quality.
In ancient Egypt and Greece emerald was not only the mascot, but also a symbol of the beauty of nature. The Christian religion has devoted gem Apostle Jacob (John). In ancient Georgian collection of the tenth century states that this gem (it Georgians called - "zmuri"), as in a mirror (the same since ancient times it was believed in India) are recorded all the secrets of the past, present and future ... to know in advance
Wormwood smacks emerald
color of this bitter burn my sorrow;
I will contemplate reverently
glass of absinthe, as the holy grail. Drink with sugar, as the ancient poets the world to forget for a new beauty and floor cafe in the rays of dawn green, let the flowers back. Tatiana Matveeva

Who is whole soul and true to himself, to his word and his honor, emerald reveal their secrets and bestow all possible benefits - in its green depths we can, as in the famous Emerald Tablets of Hermes the god of wisdom, which was recorded all the wisdom of the world, read answers to their intimate questions, and maybe finally find their own paradise on earth.
Изумруд зеленоокий,
Цветом сочный и глубокий,
Восхитительный и скромный
- Не бывает он огромный,
Но, не мал и не велик,
Он отбрасывает блик.
Сохраняя в себе тайны
Жизни каменной событий,
Наблюдательному взору -
Дарит радости открытий.
А умело обработан,
Обрамлён в златой каркас
- Сочной зеленью своею
Он бодрит, и тешит глаз.

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