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Beauty Secrets from the Ancient Moroccan Tradition

Beauty Secrets from the Ancient Moroccan Tradition

Beauty Secrets from the Ancient Moroccan TraditionMorocco is full of unique plants and minerals that have been used for centuries for the purposes of health and beauty. Integrate these Moroccan beauty secrets into your life by following some of these suggestions:

Treat your Face with Moroccan Red Clay

Moroccan red clay or lava clay is used as an additive and by itself in beauty masks, soaps, and lotions. Make your own facial mask with Moroccan red clay for dry skin by adding enough honey or olive oil to make a paste. Apply the paste to the face for 15 to 20 minute and rinse with tepid water. Use plain water or coconut oil with the clay for oily skin.

Soften your Skin with Pine Tar Soap

Pine tar soap is a black soap made out of extracts of pine used in Moroccan spas to exfoliate and soften the skin. Scrub your body thoroughly with the dark soap and rinse for smooth skin.

Paint your Body with Henna

Henna body art has been a famous Moroccan tradition for centuries. Host a spa slumber party and use henna mixed with water and a fine paint brush to paint designs on your friends. The henna makes a temporary mark on the skin, and will wear off after a few days and several washings.

Use Olive Oil for Total Skin Health

The Moroccan tradition relies heavily on olive oil and extracts from the olive leaf in their beauty products and treatments. Use plain extra virgin olive oil all over your body for moisture. Try using warmed olive oil in your hair as a hot oil treatment.

Purchase a Kessa for Skin Exfoliation

A kessa is a mitt used for exfoliating traditional to Morocco. Use it with pine tar soap for a spa style skin treatment that will slough off the dead skin, and leave your remaining skin soft and smooth.

Use Black Kohl Eyeliner

In the ancient Moroccan tradition, lining the eyes with black kohl was a reminder of Islam’s holy black stone called the kaaba housed in Mecca. Using make-up was not only a beautification ritual, but a religious one to remind the wearer of the secrets of the ritual and allow people to identify their belief system. Today, black eyeliner is still a popular way to dramatize your eyes.

Try Rhassoul Rocks

Mined from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, rhassoul rocks are natural minerals from the earth and come in the form of rocks that can be dissolved in water to form a paste that can be used as an ancient beauty treatment. Use the rocks for a facial or body mask, as soap or shampoo.

Utilize Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan oil has been used for centuries to treat the skin and hair to maintain beauty and youthfulness. Add the argan oil to olive oil or coconut oil for a moisturizing hair and skin treatment.

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