Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hair Care and Hair Styles:

Human hair was of great importance in ancient Egypt. They disgusted the sight of facial and body hair and used all kinds of methods to get rid of it. They removed individual facial hair with tweezers, which had blunt or sharp ends. But, on the contrary the hair on the head was most liked and used as a mode of expression of self-art. They had learnt the art to dye it, braid it, shave it, and cut it. They even used wigs of countless designs.

For Egyptians, wigs made of human hair or wool were the desired form of ornament that would protect their scalp from Sun's heat, head lice and would help keeping their head cool. They wore new wigs every day. Curly wigs were worn only on special occasions. Men's wigs were more complex than women and were lesser in size.

Women used extensions to fill thinning hair. They were carefully weaved and knotted to the real hair with the use of beeswax and resin

Egyptians used henna for their most favored reddish hair colour. They mostly used it to colour their gray hair. It was even used to colour their nail or rather it was an ancient way of manicure.

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